Big month for slack-key guitar lovers


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Don’t forget the annual Southern California Slack Key Festival in Redondo Beach every January!

    Mitch Chang

  2. Anonymous says:

    that (last guy in particular) sounds a lot like John Fahey (who was mostly influenced by delta blues, ragtime, and Indian ragas), weird to hear two different sources arriving at the same point.

  3. skippitydoo says:

    The music is nice, but does anyone else notice that Led Kaapana needed to tune his guitar in that first lullaby?

  4. PaulR says:

    From Ry Cooder’s “The Gabby Pahinui
    Hawaiian Band Vol 1″ some years ago: I always pictured this version of ‘Moonlight Lady’ as perfect for the closing credits of a buddy movie. Imagine the credits crawling up the screen as you listen:

    I have to find Vol 2…

    Also see here:
    Cyril Pahinui playing Hi’ilawe

  5. Teller says:

    Saw him few months ago in a small venue. Just a stupid guitarist and an angelic voice. Ned being there would’ve burnt the place down.

  6. DrPretto says:

    As a fan of Surf Guitar and The Ventures, I can hear some influence of this Slack-Guitar in their sound for example listen to their version of
    Slaughter on 10th Avenue

  7. dwdyer says:

    Ray Kane’s Punahele (featured on the album you link to, and yes it’s a great introduction to the style) is an all-time favorite. It manages to be bouncy and wistful at the same time.

    For those dipping toes in, be sure to check out the older styles too. Dancing Cat has a good guide to the history and styles here:

  8. slida says:

    Nice. :)

  9. skeletoncityrepeater says:

    I never knew until reading some things just now that George Winston is a huge slack-key aficionado and the Dancing Cat is his record label. It makes sense, the music is open and soothing much like Winston’s piano work.

  10. Badokole says:

    21 years ago, Led played at my wedding in Honolulu… a sweet start to a marriage that has lasted all these years!

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