One-eyed cyborg filmmaker seeks woman who desires paintball machine gun prosthetic leg

Via the BB Submitterator, Boing Boing reader davidjoho says,

One-eyed film maker Rob Spence's EyeBorg project involves putting a wireless video camera into his eye socket. He's now advertising for a one-legged woman who wants a machine-gun prosthetic, a la Grindhouse's Cherry Darling. Although Time named his vid-eye as one of the best inventions of 2009, the odds are longer for the new prosthetic making the list, especially since it only shoots paint pellets. Also, no Quake-style rocket jumps.


  1. “One-eyed cyborg film maker seeks woman who desires machine-gun prosthetic leg”

    Craigslist was made for romances like this.

  2. That movie was campy fun but actually building one of these that works in real life will require some kind of trigger mechanism. If you have to use your hands to fire the thing it’s a lot less cool, but using any other part of the body could get downright kinky.

    1. A twitch from a relatively unused muscle can do it; or a nerve impulse to a muscle that’s no longer present (like, say, clenching your toes). There’s some processing involved to pull the “fire” signal out of general movement noise, so slap a smartphone into the casing and voila, the iBliterator.

  3. That doesn’t look very ergonomic (and I have to say that it reminds me slightly of taking my dog for a walk).

  4. At first glance I read ‘Gum-Ball Machine’… I think that would be a much cooler prosthetic.

  5. Is the eyeball-cam vaporware? I can’t find any actual videos from inside the guy’s skull, just videos of him running around with a LED in his eye-socket pretending to be Eyeborg.

  6. 1- pursue baddies running on a muddy road.
    2- corner them on a wall.
    3- aim.
    4- shoot.
    5- BANG! (leg explodes).

    1. I would only amputate my leg for this if it was a Silly String gun. Much funnier and much more flammable.

  7. Irontomflint asks;

    How come I don’t see Bredas’ name posted in the comments? This was made for her!

  8. Is this going to be a remake of the schlock horror film “Machine Girl” where the heroine loses an arm and it is replaced with a machine gun. If so I will be amazed if they can get as many laughs and buckets of blood into the same amount of space.

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