Flying carpet sofa

Tonio de Roover's East meets West sofa is meant to evoke flying carpets. I can't figure out how comfortable it'd be, but it looks great.

East meets west (via Craft)


  1. My cats would love that. expensive rug to shed on and shred + couch = happy kittehs. It’s like peanut butter and chocolate in cat form.

  2. I’m somewhat doubtful of this being comfortable (except for MrsBug’s cats) but brilliant idea anyway and looks good

  3. In San Francisco’s japantown there used to be a store with an amazing flying carpet bed – it used a wonderful u-shaped steel base (with the base of the U at the head of the bed) to appear to float, unsupported, about 10 inches off the floor.

  4. Aaaaaaw !
    @Anon and MrsBug: Our three cats would have a treat.
    Would be nice if this sofa actually flies…

  5. There’s one of those, here at the central library in Rotterdam. It’s usually vacant as I suspect most people aren’t sure if it’s really a chair…

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