Flying carpet sofa


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  1. Anonymous says:

    In San Francisco’s japantown there used to be a store with an amazing flying carpet bed – it used a wonderful u-shaped steel base (with the base of the U at the head of the bed) to appear to float, unsupported, about 10 inches off the floor.

  2. grikdog says:

    Uh… defocus, Islamophobes. Prayer rug? Flying carpet? Hmmmm… Nope, no link there.

  3. woid says:

    Posted by the designer in 2006.

    Did it ever take off?

  4. Laurier says:

    There’s one of those, here at the central library in Rotterdam. It’s usually vacant as I suspect most people aren’t sure if it’s really a chair…

  5. neurolux says:

    Want in shag!

  6. Sunday Artist says:

    Aaaaaaw !
    @Anon and MrsBug: Our three cats would have a treat.
    Would be nice if this sofa actually flies…

  7. MrsBug says:

    My cats would love that. expensive rug to shed on and shred + couch = happy kittehs. It’s like peanut butter and chocolate in cat form.

  8. Anonymous says:

    My cats would love it.

  9. Anonymous says:

    What is this a rug blog? j/k :)

  10. arikol says:

    I’m somewhat doubtful of this being comfortable (except for MrsBug’s cats) but brilliant idea anyway and looks good

  11. arikol says:

    That looks like formed plywood with a carpet on… Not going to be be the sofa you sink into, anyway

  12. vanvalkenburgh says:

    Just look at this carpet that thinks it’s a bear! Just look at it.

    oh wait, wrong post…

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