Rare video of Iggy Pop inventing stage-diving and smearing peanut butter on his chest

"As far as I am aware, the sole "live" footage that exists of the Stooges comes from the Cincinnati Summer Pop Festival of 1970 (AKA Midsummer Rock Festival). Appearing on a bill with Grand Funk Railroad, Alice Cooper, Mountain and Traffic, the group performs "T.V. Eye" and "1970" as Iggy leaps into the crowd--probably inventing crowd-surfing in the process--smearing peanut butter all over his chest. It's one of the most primal and primitive rock and roll moments of all time..."—Richard Metzger, on Dangerous Minds. Watch the video here.


  1. LOL When I first saw saw this I skipped the header and went right to the text, where my immediate reaction to the first sentence was, “What!? That’s bogus! Moe, Larry and Shemp were on the Milton Berle show back in the ’50s!” :P

  2. That footage is great but, not rare.
    I’m pretty sure it’s included in the documentary – “Jesus? This is Iggy” and I recall seeing it for the first time in the long-lost PBS series “Rock and Roll” (1995). I was in Jr. High at the time and that exact section with the stage dive/peanut butter changed my taste in music instantly and forever. This is the most complete version I have ever seen. Worth clickin’ around for!

  3. I just loved the fellow who was interviewed for bringing his kids to the show. It’s almost like they wanted him to criticize and go on about those darn kids, but instead, he was Mr. Awesome. A+

  4. maybe 10 years ago, it was common to hear that this was considered the only live stooges footage. so much has surfaced since then though…

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