Aliens/ghosts in office windows

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Filed under pareidolia, this excellent photo taken by Esther Radican at her Texas office building. The bosses are watching, and condensing. "Focus on Texas: EEEEK!" (via Fortean Times)


    1. Since we are talking about ghosts and aliens, I think condensating is quite appropriate.
      And the rest of you explainers… who cares? Its a cool photo of ghosts and aliens looking at you. Don’t be buzzkills, please. :D

      1. But they’re not buzzkills at all to those of us who find the context & causes so much more interesting than just “whoo spooky”.

        Everyone’s idea of cool is a little different man!

  1. Sad part is I saw the image, thought “Hey I sort of recognize that building and trees!” Did a search and it turns out that I actually do know where that building is. located. Creepy.

  2. Naw, they’re nose prints – like the ones kitties/doggies/kiddos leave on a clean glass door before realizing the door is closed.

    Also similar to the awkward beak/chest imprints with radiating lines of crop-content ejection on the outside of our library windows. These latter images frequently accompanied by a rock dove splayed akimbo on the sidewalk below, somewhat worse for wear.

  3. I work at an office building in Trenton, NJ where we have the same type of facade and with the warm, raining, and foggy weather lately we have seen the same phenomenon. My guess is that the hanging brackets for the mirrored glass ties into the building structure and thermally conducts at a different rate then the rest of the glass. The brackets are where the eyes of the ghost are and the condensation in the other areas are due to the temperature differences that do not dissipate as quickly due to the back of the glass having a space or insulating pocket of air.

  4. I would have gone with Muppets rather than alien ghosts – what does that say about me? That I’m perpetually 3 years old?

    Probably close to the mark.

    That photo does reach the dizzying heights of being ‘nifty’.

  5. Spoiler alert:
    I have a really good idea about what may have caused the eyes in the condensation. When the manufacturer stacks those insulated glass units up for storage, they place these sticky foam & cork squares on the glass to keep them separate. This probably left some residue which changed how water condensed on the pane.

    1. Similar to eagleapex’s idea, I think the process of installing the sheets of glass uses a machine with large suction cups that keep the glass upright and steady until the sheet is firmly adhered to the building facade.

    1. oddly enough, it reminded me of the forest spirits in Miyazaki’s ‘Princess Mononoke’. See for e.g. at the 16 second mark of the trailer:

      A fine film, by the way.

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