Jesus in MRI image

Tammie Cohrs of Greer, South Carolina was recently diagnosed with oral cancer. Inside the MRI machine to see how the cancer was progressing, she began to pray. And whaddyaknow! Jesus appeared in the MRI image! Really though, this should come as no surprise. Two years ago, Jesus's mother showed up in an MRI scan too. Praise pareidolia! From WPSD:
 Images 320*236 Jesus+Mri Cohrs said what happened while she was having the MRI scan brought her to tears. "I just had this wonderful experience that I was with Him," Cohrs said.

Cohrs said the image is proof that Jesus was indeed with her. "I just think it's amazing," Cohrs said. "I don't care what anybody else thinks."

Cohrs will be meeting with doctors at the Cancer Center of the Carolinas on Tuesday to review her MRI results. She said she is looking forward to hearing what doctors have to say about her discovery.

"Woman sees Jesus in MRI image" (Thanks, Rob Rader!)