Odd case of 19yo Scientology defector arrested upon escape for "hard drive theft"

Liz Ohanesian of the LA Weekly tells us, "One of our news bloggers, Dennis Romero, has been covering the case of Daniel Montalvo, a young man who defected from Scientology and was then arrested by LA Sheriff's Department. It's a strange and intriguing case." More so because the arrest is now believed to have been made over allegations the 19-year-old Montalvo stole multiple hard drives from the Church.


  1. Poor kid? He stole (and maybe not the first time) and went to a group of anti-scientology fanatics to become their posterchild. Then he got booked for his earlier theft. Well, if that didn’t happen on his own decision, the fanatic crowd must have “forced” him to do it.

    This guy left the Sea Organization, the order of the Church of Scientology. There is plenty of evidence that such a leave is nothing special and does not mean to leave the Church as a whole (responsible journalists find testimonies here: http://www.frdmmg.rg/spcl-rprts/cnn/dwnlds.html)

    I think this is an attempt of the anti-scientology crowd to whitewash a crime and I am disgusted how uncritical media fell for it.

    1. Louanne, you scientologists never let a revealing story go unchallenged do you? People don’t need to “defect” from legitimate, non totalitarian organizations. The plenty of evidence you mention is provided by your cult. Your “religious” science fiction texts are copyrighted? Sure, just like all the other mainstream religions that you have to pay tens of thousands just to read their secret bible.

    2. Yes, responsible journalists swallow the press release from a church mag, sure… personally I wait for reading the irresponsible ones.

      1. Off topic: Great username.

        “I can kill you with a single thought.”

        “Well, you’ll still need a tray.”

    3. ‘Freedom Magazine’ is in no way a credible source of information. The front page alone is fanatically misguided/hysterical/disturbing. I’d find more credibility at 4chan (o rly). The BBC recently released an interesting program on your corrupt organization. I’d suggest watching it, but given the title “Desperate Lies” that ‘Freedom Magazine’ slapped on it, I doubt you’d enjoy it. It’s organizations like yours that make me confident in atheism and humanism.

      As for Daniel Montalvo: I hope he makes it through this without being socially butchered by the church’s lawyers…but I’m not optimistic.

    4. Next time you’re jumping to defend your organisation, you should try to be a little more subtle, hmm?

    5. Hey louanne that cult your writing for is the most evil brainwashing crowd on the planet. Just take a wee moment and think, If everyone is anti-Scientology maybe the ‘church’ of scientology is full of SP’s and everyone else in the world is right?

  2. Louanne you should be ashamed of yourself, though I know you won’t be given the amount of brainwashing you must have had in the CoS.
    It boggles the mind how people can believe anything from the CoS let alone be a loyal follower, it’s not a religion, it IS a cult. A dangerous cult at that.A simple google search will find far more reliable sources of CoS’s indiscretions and unspeakable acts against those who come to their senses and leave this cult.


    On another note, what ever happened to anon killing cos?

    1. On another note, what ever happened to anon killing cos?

      Scientology may be a dangerous cult, but if you think a movement borne of 4chan is going to be the thing that takes them down then you may be placing unrealistically high expectations on the lolcats.

  3. Funny how the same “Louanne” is also in the linked LA Weekly article trying to defend her Company (Scientology isn’t accepted as ‘Church’ in my country, so I can’t call it one.)

    And also nice to see how she is using the old Scientology tactic they told her to use: ‘Never defend, always attack.’

    She must have gotten one of those instruction emails they send to internet-savvy Scientologists on how to comment on articles criticizing her company:


  4. If there’s nothing to hide and Scientology is such an honorable “religion” … how about a little transparency =)

  5. Actually, I’m pretty sure Louanne just trolled all of you.

    For the record I agree with everyone who wasn’t Louanne in this comment thread. :P

    1. You know if President John Henry Eden resurfaces running your cult, Red John will be the least of your problems.

      1. Sorry, but I had to look that up. I haven’t played many video games since my original X-Box gave up the ghost in 2003.

        However, I think I’d be just as worried if Vater Orlaag showed up.

        1. Sorry, but I had to look that up.

          That’s okay, I had to look yours up, too.

          And I do hang my head in shame that I, of all people, have never seen Metalocalypse.

          But after having spent many a happy month last year roaming the Capital Wasteland and hearing President Eden’s distinctive voice emanating from every radio and floating Eyebot in the vicinity (seriously, you can’t go five minutes without hearing him), I couldn’t watch Bret Stiles facing down Patrick Jane without my mind’s ear hearing him say, “Restoring the greatest country in the world to its former glory, well, heh heh… Well, that takes time, even for the Enclave.”

          Sorta like the first time I saw Fellowship of the Ring. When I heard Elrond say, “Bring forth the Ring…” I couldn’t help but follow it with “Misssterrr Anderson.”

  6. I like Xeni. Does that make me an enemy of Scientology?

    *listens to a little bird whispering in his ear*

    “Xenu? Really? REALLY? They seriously believe . .. . oh don’t bother.”

    Never mind. It appears I’m confusing a fairly hot chick with an ancient mythological being. But given how hot volcanos are, and how hot Xeni is, I think I should be cut some slack.

    -abs takes his tongue out of his cheek

  7. the rabid anti-scientology crowd Louanne is talking about are SCIENTOLOGISTS by their own definition.
    the Like to paint those that leave as criminals irregardless of any real crimes.

    Daniel,and the rabid anti-Scientology crowd Louanne Like to label are products of Scientology!

    Louanne you are the Queen of Whitewash.you are rabid foaming at the mouth,defender of Scientology and its laundry list of crimes.

    your cut from the same soiled cloth of those anti-Scientology Scientologist you so lament.

    pat yourself on the back. your doing the cults bidding.keeping your Fellow Scientologists afraid to peer out the window at Reality.

  8. in the age of usb sticks, who actually steals hard drives? did he think they were his because he used his thetan money>?

  9. ISTR someone once posited the idea that Scientology was the result of a bet between Lafe Hubbard and Bob Heinlein.
    The usual assumption is that Bob bet Lafe that he couldn’t start a religion (or that Lafe bet Bob he could).
    It could, of course, have been the other way round:
    “I tell you, Lafe, some people will believe _anything_”
    “Ok then, let’s make up something. We’ll start with a bit of dianetics, chuck in some bad Freud and science fiction aliens…. No one would swallow that Bob. Five bucks says I couldn’t pull it off.”
    “Ok, but you’ve got to _try_.”

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