Mushroom LED lamps + driftwood

These beautiful Japanese "mushroom lamps" use mushroom-shaped LEDs and found bits of driftwood and salvage lumber to make something that balances on the knife-edge between kitsch and sweet.

Mushroom Lamps (via Red Ferret)


  1. I have this same thing on my porch… except without the LEDs and electricity. Mine’s an old piece of walnut root that sprouts toadstools, tree-ears, and day lilies.

    I don’t even water it. The rain is enough for the shelf fungi and day lillies even in August. The toadstools, like those in the picture, only show up in spring and fall when it’s very wet.

    It’s cool that people can create fake natural stuff when they live in soul-less, fake places like modern cities. I think it helps us preserve an essential part of our humanity, our connection with a greater, cyclical macrocosm; which might otherwise be lost, without these visible reminiscences of nature. It’s like the flowers on a pretty girl’s dress.

  2. I dig these, but wish the on/off switch was less massive and more sort of coherent.

    Did you notice a totally sweet old school OJ is on the packaging for the Bloody Bonnet Lamp (#16)? I can’t translate what the text says but still, …wow.

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