Apple press event today, live blog coverage on Boing Boing

A certain company in Cupertino is holding a press event today. Xeni will be there, liveblogging whatever unfolds. Expectations and rumors surrounding Apple's "Back to the Mac" event at 10am PT involve a refocus on the personal computer line: some sort of iLife refresh, maybe a new MacBook Air, and perhaps an additional item at the end that causes everyone to go "oooooh" and clap. The new OS is expected to be named "Lion." I don't know where we got that idea. Maybe the invite.


  1. you mean “Lion,” I believe. Tiger was OS X 10.4, when I first switched to using Macs.

    Remember to include plenty of photos on the liveblog, and i’ll tune in too.

  2. I consider this new mac mini I got 2 months ago as a data point in support of my contention that they never actually lost focus on their personal computers.

  3. Hopefully if there’s a new OS it will at least repair the damage to their reputations that Slow Leopard caused: what a piece of crap! As soon as they “upgraded” I got panic calls from several of my clients because their machines simply stopped responding. After spending a day diagnosing it it turns out that all of the problems were Apple making amateur mistakes that anyone who passed Computer Science 101 could have avoided. (Eg. Ultra-unimportant daemons don’t have to have the same priority as the keyboard and they don’t have to start up every 30 seconds – before their previous incarnation has even finished.)

    I really don’t appreciate doing Apple’s alpha-testing for them.

    Worse, the fixes are about 4 or 5 lines of XML long but Apple, as far as I know, couldn’t be bothered to release them or even look into the matter. It’s not an exaggeration to say that people’s business probably failed because of this but Apple couldn’t care less: too busy selling iPod nanos.

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