Fictional Star Wars artifact: Boba Fett's invoice to Jabba the Hutt

[Flickr page here, and large size here.]

Via the BB Submitterator, reader Dan says, "Brock Davis is an artist for Wired, the New York Times, and other outlets, but here he created a funny Star Wars artifact. My favorite bit is that the invoice echoes period paperwork from the late '70s-early '80s when the Star Wars movies were released."


    1. Look closer: they’re actually credit marks, or at least ones that I’ve seen associated with the Star Wars franchise.

      On another note, I find the bit about the carbonite aesthetic display (w/ wall hanger) particularly amusing.

    1. I’m guessing that Darth Vader got to pay the fuel surcharge for Slave One, since Fett was primarily working for him at the time. To be fair, the Empire ought to pick up the tab for the jet fuel and ammo as well.
      But that’s the big upside of beeing an independent contractor – if you have several employers, you can try to double-bill them.

  1. Seems a little steep considering that Chewbacca only fetched thirty-five thousand. (And that was AFTER a thermal detonator-based renegotiation of the contract!)

  2. I love it. That’s either good mimeography or bad tabletop offset — and judging from the color of the paper, I’d say it’s mimeo. And why not? It’s a robust technology.

  3. It wasnt planned to encase solo in carobnite,it was going to be for skywalker,so they tested it!!!! :o)

    1. Thanks for that, man! If I’d seen your comment before, I wouldn’t have had to use the “prtsc” button.

  4. I may be getting this wrong but I thought Jabba gave Han the carbonite treatment after BF delivered him.

    1. Yeah, you got that wrong. But it’s still a little sleazy for Boba to include the cost of the carbonite since that service was provided by the taxpayers of Cloud City, Bespin.

  5. To nit-pick, I think this is a fake. Bobba Fett would do better math, he’s owed 10 050,00. After all, he’s got a jet pack, probably a calcu-droid too.

  6. The “smiley face” icons at bottom are a bit anachronistic. The early ’80s were still under the spell of the yellow button variety, but the typeface icon hadn’t appeared.

    1. Agree that it’s a bit anachronistic for me, too, but that doesn’t take away from the humor and coolness in my book.

      But while we’re talking about it: The ruled lines (vertical ones especially) and the typeface make it look like it’s from the early laser printer era, rather than the late ’70s.

      1. What about docking fees? and longshorman fees, nothing about administrative fees either, what about transport and shipping taxes to the empire, obviously he wasn’t a smuggler and needs to keep his small business above reproach.

  7. Dear Mr. Fett:

    This invoice cannot be processed for payment without receipts detailing itemized expenses – originals are preferred, but photocopies or R2 droid holoprojections will suffice. Please forward immediately to avoid any delays in transmission of fees. Thank you.

  8. What’s the currency? Wupiupi? On Tatooine, I thought, a smile and 7 million Imperial credits would get you a nice cuppa coffee.

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