Rad dad builds amazing Deadmau5 costume for 3yo son; Deadmau5 phones them

My pal Souris just alerted me to this super cool story: Hip dad Michael Cobra's three year old son really wanted to be Deadmau5 for Hallowe'en, after they saw him play at the Treasure Island Music Festival— so dad obliged. The video above documents the costume's creation. Today, Deadmau5 called the family, and dad says he was totally cool. More at Tiny Iron Fists, and here's the Vimeo link with related comment thread.


  1. Psssh. Target told me homemade costumes suck.

    This dad should have just bought him an Optimus Prime mask. At Target. With a Target Credit Card.


  2. i need to get my 3yr old into music. The only tune she knows is twinkle twinkle little star.

  3. Hey, my dad made two Deadmau5 heads this past Halloween for my nephews!they’re really awesome. he should get a call too!

  4. Yes, the costume is excellent. It’s well made, well thought out and the kid obviously loves it.

    I’m way more impressed that
    1. The dad would have taken his son to see Deadmau5 in the first place, and,
    2. That his son liked him at all, nevermind enough to want to be him for halloween.


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