Sarah Palin email hacker sentenced to one year in prison

Former Tennessee student David Kernell, who was convicted of hacking into Sarah Palin's personal e-mail account, was sentenced today to one year in custody.


  1. That man came closer to Palin’s personal world than the rest of us. O_o

    He then surely had enough punishment as it is.

    1. “Hacking implies that he did more than just guess her password.”

      He did do more than that. I can sit on my couch and try to guess what her password might be. No problem. If I actually access her account, change her password and thereby prevent her from getting into it, I could see where there might be a problem. I’m not defending Sarah Palin, I have no interest in politics, but the kid was in the wrong.

      1. True, and it didn’t even manage to serve a real political purpose. But I wonder if someone guessed my e-mail password and interfered with my account, whether they would get any jail time at all. My guess is no.

    1. About a year is about what I would expect someone breaking into someone else’s e-mail account to get, I would expect killing someone to ten times that.

  2. technically, yes…he did ‘hack’ (reverse social engineer) Palin’s super-fcuking lame password. Popcorn…the snack with the same # of calories per kilo as Palin’s grey matter..which is to say, about 1..including butter.

    intriguingly, when I attempted to bring the matter up on *c*an.or*…the site which prompted him to commit the act ‘for the lulz’ people there seemed to believe ‘he deserved’ the sentence he got. Morality is, seemingly, loose and fixed yet exceedingly conservative at the end of teh day. There is no honor amongst anonymous.

  3. Wasn’t it a yahoo account that she used despite having access to a secure state run email service? So if someone hacks my yahoo account, are they going to go to jail for a year?

  4. I wouldn’t even call what he did being a script kitty. I can’t even believe they tried to pin identity theft on him, HELLO HE GUESS AN ANSWER TO A QUESTION HE’S NOT SUPER DUPER SMART OK.

  5. I laugh at how the media gives this stupid woman what she wants-which is attention! even to the point they have her stupid daughter on dancing with stars! as you can tell, I have no respect for this women and I believe I am not the only one among thousands. I really think she is mentally ill and has A-A-D-D
    (Adult attention Deficit Disorder). she gets off on getting attention -even if she is looking ridiculous. She is a very sick minded woman.

  6. Everyone in the UK knows that you’re only allowed to hack into politician’s electronic communictions if you work for Rupert Murdoch or the Prime Minister. Then you just forget about it like Andy Coulson.

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