Tiny boxes can't thwart box-loving cat

(Video Link) No box is too small or oddly shaped for Maru, the box loving cat. (Thanks, Felipe Li!)


  1. For the future of humanity, we need to start cloning Maru. If everyone on earth has a Maru and a collection of cardboard, nobody would have time for fighting anymore.

  2. The ironic thing is that this is a Japanese cat, so he probably thinks those tiny boxes are huge living spaces. His own apartment even.

    Nice fur pattern but I don’t like flatfaced cats. Its the beginnings of the destructive but amusing intentional accumulation of facial and body mutations that dogs suffer.

    1. Actually only the boxes that he can not enter make him mad! The last box, the thin box, seem to satisfy his boxing interests – but yes the too small boxes piss him off.

    1. I know, all that tail flicking! Maru’s clearly not satisfied with the results but not about to give up on the box.

      The placement of the small and smaller boxes with Maru off camera was genius too. Don’t know how tiny it is until kitty pounces.

    2. I laugh at my two very sweet cats when they are frustrated with getting into something, or climbing something, or catching something. I love them, but it’s just so funny. (It’s why laser pointers are the most hilarious cat toy ever — the cat can never catch the damn little red dot no matter how hard she tries, and it drives her crazy.) So if you’re a terrible person for laughing at adorable feline frustration, join the club.

      I actually laughed aloud at my desk when I saw Maru LEAP into the magazine box before he realized he didn’t actually fit.

      I think my favorite is how he settles for putting his head into the very tiny box.

      1. I hope someone occasionally hides your purse or keys and laughs at your adorable frustration when you can’t find them.

          1. Mitch: The cat has a lot of choices here. It can go sleep on the couch, it can go sit in the corner and lick itself, it can chase its tail, or it can play with the box. It doesn’t particularly need to play with the box; it is choosing to do so and can walk away from it at any time, and if there were no box at all, it would just go do something else.

            This is not analogous to hiding a person’s car keys so that she cannot go to work, or the store, or to take the cat to the vet. Car keys have a significance to humans that boxes don’t have to cats, who have only a hazy idea of what ‘possessions’ are anyway.

            Cats and humans have a social contract. The cat gets to annoy the human on occasion (“Feed me! Brush me! Clean my litterbox!”) and the human gets to annoy the cat on occasion (“Get in this carrier so I can take you to the vet! Let me pet and hug you even though you’d rather be chasing a string! Do that cute thing again so I can put it on Youtube!”). Neither one has promised nor owes the other a life of perfect and uninterrupted serenity, which is an unattainable condition anyway.

          2. Oh, I see, a cat’s frustration is funny but a person’s frustration isn’t. Are we attaching a little double standard to our sense of humor? I’m assuming that someone enjoying a little key hiding prank would relent and give them back after a few minutes of laughing at the person’s frustration.

          3. Who are you? The cat ambassador? You are ASSUMING that the cat is annoyed, when it may actually be just having a jolly time. Regardless, your reasoning is skewed, for placing a small box on the floor for a cat to play with is not synonymous with hiding a person’s keys out of malice and then watching that person suffer for it.

          4. Who said anything about malice? It’s all in good fun. As far as I know no one has been seriously harmed by losing their keys.

      2. My favorite was when he finally got himself into the magazine box, and then the whole thing tipped over ^_^

  3. The person that made this video is very lucky that his cat is so far away from me because I would abscond with it.

  4. This proves the general theorem: kitty + box=happy times.

    I have a rubber stamp that says A cat’s size will conform to the size of the box it is packed in.

    Cats almost seem to be able to increase or decrease their size at will. :D

  5. I love cat related science! This is much more pleasant then that depressing Schrödinger box experiment. I wonder if it could be possible to determine the optimal box size for Maru contentment? Some measure of the ratio of tail-lashing to purring?

  6. Wait a minute: I thought Maru was supposed to be a Scottish fold. His ears aren’t folded…

  7. He thinks he is still kitten-sized. But he isn’t happy when he finds he is too large. I agree with the person who said give him a box he can be happy in. That tail-thrashing is frustration.

  8. I reported the spammer and the recaptcha was “copies levocat” :~) I bet there’s a Maru vid that matches.

  9. Now let’s watch while I put this matchbox down … .

    AHHHHH! Maru-chan, noooooo! How did he even … ?! For the love of God, someone call the vet!

    The horror … the horror … .

  10. Lots of cats have box love. Most cats are born in a cardboard box, and it’s their primary association with security and happiness.

  11. I know. That twitching tail, plus the “wtf?” expression on the cat’s face when it first jumps into the box kept me laughing all the way through. That’s one seriously annoyed cat.

  12. Is that something special? I always thought every cat does that. The cats of my sister do exactly the same thing every time they spot a box. They even sit there waiting when a new package arrives in the mail.

  13. I don’t think Maru is mad at the tiny box! Tail lashing doesn’t only mean anger in cats. Look at his ears – they twitch and turn, but they aren’t set back. He’s lashing his tail because he’s thoughtful, not because he’s mad. If his ears were back, I’d agree that he’s upset at the small box. As it is, I think he’s just thoughtful and working out the problem of the tiny box.

    1. Nope. Maru is using his ears like bat sonar trying relocate to his damned feline dignity. It went flying out of there like Witch Hazel’s hairpins when he pounced and tried to squeeze his fat ass into the too small box and had to settle for just his face. (Rowhrowhrowhrowhrowh) That ‘thoughtful’ expression looked more like plotting revenge to me. (lash, jerk, snap, LASH!)

  14. I think he’s being frisky and playful more than frustrated. That’s exactly how my cat looks and acts when he’s tearing round the house all hyped up after his evening meal. Besides, he’s a cat. If he really hated doing this surely he’d just walk away…

  15. +1 Amphigorey; a lashing tail isn’t necessarily a sign of an annoyed cat.

    Some will do it when they’re perfectly content.

    1. Sport.

      It’s a reasonable comparison between thwarting a cat’s desire for comfort with a box that’s too small and thwarting a person’s desire for convenience with some temporarily missing keys. Why is either example of inducing frustration for entertainment more or less funny than the other?

      You’re not supposed to end a sentence with an ellipsis.

      Punctuation fail.

    2. It’s kind of amusing to see people offended by me teasing someone who says she finds her cats’ frustration amusing by suggesting that a harmless prank should be played on her. Whose sensitivities need to be recalibrated?

      1. Whose sensitivities need to be recalibrated?

        My rule of thumb for determining that in innocuous contexts like this is simply to point at whoever’s nose is most out of joint.

        …Hey, am I allowed to start a sentence with an ellipsis? Or are you as au fait with the continuing evolution of grammar as you are with feline body language?

          1. You missed the much more obvious (and grammatically correct) use of the ellipsis: that the sentence was not over, and that Kimmo was merely being too polite to complete it. I can think of many potential endings for that sentence.

            I actually didn’t read the tail thrashing as frustration, but I don’t speak Cat.

          2. Sigh. The original comment that people found so offensive was teasing someone who said that she found “feline frustration”, in her words, amusing by turning it around and suggesting that a harmless prank played on her would be amusing. What’s the problem? Is there something sacred about keys? Is there some species barrier for humor and teasing that I have crossed?

  16. Nice catch, but the sentence was over.

    Grammatical correctness takes a back seat to expressing my tone – this isn’t formal writing; it’s conversational.

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