A portrait of the floppy disk as a USB drive

usbfloppy.jpg Charles Mangin of Option 8 made a USB floppy disk the fast way: by cramming it in there: "I extended the original cable from the business card USB drive, and routed it through a small piece of plastic, glued in place just inside the opening. This lets out just enough of the cable to plug into a hub or laptop, but prevents me pulling the wires all the way out." Charles' Flickr set [via Technabob]


  1. For the lulz, obviously.

    The same reason that they make humping dog flash drives, or sushi flash drives, or banana flash drives (just look at it!)… a splash of creativity and uniqueness in the sameness of a chunk of silicon and plastic.

  2. Why not? This makes me a little nostalgic for those old floppies (which weren’t really floppy anymore, so I guess I’m really dating myself). Ten years ago they were everywhere, and we had to cart them around to get things between home and work. Now I doubt I could find a single one in my house, and we don’t own a computer that still has a drive for them. Shoving a USB drive into one is a pretty cool idea!

    1. I have BOXES of floppy disks sitting around, AND the computer I am typing on at this very moment has a floppy drive on it (Which is actually detached in exchange for a faster DVD drive).

  3. i suspect one could strip the plug (there are usb drives that are like that already) and so fit it all inside the thickness of a single floppy. I just wonder what the capacity would be if one filled the physical space of a floppy with the chips of a usb drive fully…

  4. i’ve retooled the original project and created a how-to video for a slimmer, one-floppy version. the howto video is here:

    share and enjoy!

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