Art mask forces you to smell fresh patch of grass, listen to your own breath


"The Open, by Mattia Casalegno, is a mask that wraps around your face and forces you to smell a fresh patch of grass and listen to your own breath." More at We Make Money Not Art.

(Submitterated by mat_kinotek)


  1. From the website:

    The device defines also a sensory territory constructed by the rhytm of the breath, which is diffused from the headphones with a 1.5 sec. delay.

    The work plays with the Deleuzian notion of ritornell, and about the quality of sound to define a territory. The space defined by the sound of breathing is in a state of costant imbalance between the physical act and its sensory perception and traces an unstable relationship with the intimate environment the garment reproduces.

    That is some seriously pretentious claptrap.

  2. I’d rather not have my face shoved into something that has been on a lot of other peoples’ faces, thank you very much.

  3. I mean, instead of this, er, (With apologies to Bruce Sterling) Augmented Reality device, you could, y’know, just go outside, eh.

    Like, somewhere you can see more than 17 starts at night.

  4. My initial reaction to the picture was:

    “god, I hope this is not some terrible play on ‘carpet muncher.'”

    My reaction after reading the article is “I hope that’s not from my neighbor’s lawn. He has a huge black Labrador…”

  5. Hey, you lawn get off my face!

    In other news, the outrage against conceptual art is tragicomic as always.

    1. LOL. Your comment resonates with me. I was an art major, and my work was conceptual. Before I walked away from the art world… for being too old fashioned and constrictive (not the best area for what I was trying to be/do.)

      But honestly, I think this is kind of bland conceptual art if it’s taken at at face value. I actually like the crude design though, and the fact that this seems like some kind of plausible spa treatment in annoying hipsterland.

  6. I can’t help but find it slightly disturbing. Like, “You seem agitated, citizen: two hours in the mandatory relaxation helmet!”

  7. How about one with an alfalfa/clover/mustard/radish blend? That would be much sweeter and you could eat it after!

  8. This is what getting your face rubbed in the dirt as a kid, followed by four years of art school, will get you.

  9. That’s how the next saw movie will look like when we will have Sminema (that is, smell-enabled movies).cinema

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