Giant penis crop-circle mysteriously erected at Eiffel Tower in Paris


Holy dueling Gallic phallic symbols, Batman! French journalist Aude Baron tells Boing Boing,

On Friday, if you were going to the Eiffel Tower, in Paris, you could see a giant penis! It was drawn into the snow covering the grass. A Dutch tourist took a picture and posted it on Twitter. Amazing view! But what if it was a PhotoShop? To be sure, I called the store which is a the first floor of the Tour Eiffel, and I was confirmed the masterpiece was still here, making everyone laugh. Unfortunately the garden department of Paris city hall told me they would soon rake it up.
Full story here in The original picture is here.


  1. Too funny. I moved to France in early 1993, and a couple of months later, my parents came to visit. We went to the Eiffel Tower of course, and saw the lovely views from each side. Our view of the Ecole Militaire (which appears at the end of the gardens in the above photo), however, was marred by a large cock and balls etched into the snow on the ground. I’m guessing that this is a tradition among the students in the Ecole Militaire, and it makes me smile to know that it’s still happening.

    (Later that year, I looked at my parents’ photo album. There were views from three sides of the Eiffel Tower.)

    1. Not the Ecole Militaire… the “FK” gives it away as being the work of students from Lycee Franklin, a Catholic prep/high school just across the bridge in the 16th.

  2. the only thing that bothers me about this photo is the missing tree in the middle lawn. throws the symmetry off.

  3. How sad tho that in little more than a half century
    we have descended into a world with no class and no dignity….

    1. Ah yes. The golden age of the ’50s. Where everyone was polite and proper. The lower classes knew their place. And no one made cock jokes.

      Luckily, nostalgia for an fabricated golden age “50 years ago” has always been with us, and will never go away.

  4. Could it be some sort of ancient American desert figure, designed to aid alien space craft in landing? I see a landing strip, and maybe two parking spots, or maybe those are for VTOL craft. Perhaps our very bodies, our very DNA, hold the secret to landing and parking alien spaceships!

  5. considering its not damaging anything besides some male’s ego, this will be taken care of when the grounds crew feels like getting to it

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