Haikuleaks: "Cable is Poetry"


HaikuLeaks searches through the Wikileaks "Cablegate" data for haikus. I'm not sure if it's fully automated, or human-generated—seems too perfect to be computerized. Either way, genius.

(thanks, JJ!)


  1. too perfect? try HAIKU FAIL!

    “rocha and rands” = 4 syllables
    “doesn’t the US respond” = 7 syllables

  2. I like this. I would like to see these little haikus lovingly embroidered on pillows. Embossed on commemorative plates. Quoted out of context like bible verses.

  3. Sigh. Haiku’s are not just meter or # of syllables. It is an imagistic form, where use of images conveys emotion. EPIC HAIKU FAIL

  4. To automate this search, you’d have to have a tagged corpus of words (including proper names) with their syllables counted. And you’d have to be able to recognize sentence boundaries.

    Then you’d have to search for word combinations that fit into 5 – 7 – 5 syllable patterns, and which end on a sentence boundary.

  5. Yeah, this is pretty clearly an automated process, looking for sentences with the right syllable count, and adding line breaks in the right places.

    I’d be impressed if someone had actually written proper haiku inspired by the leaked cables, but this is neither creative, nor clever.

  6. I like that “hipster cliche” haiku post above.

    Why did my mind register the last line of the second one in column two as “in mind, not just evil”?

    1. Cheers Anon; yeah, evil does work better.
      Enemies of joke haiku should open their minds to the glory of a genre now liberated from zen padantry, or else miss out on the noble offerings of Western Masters such as Beavis and Butthead:

      Burning cherry tree
      Every blossom is aflame
      Shit, here come the cops

  7. Here’s another site that does something similar, but makes new ones on the fly:

    My personal favorite (from 09MADRID392)…

    Counsel and John Yoo
    based on misinformation
    permitted torture

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