Sarah Palin Breathing REVERSED and SLOWED DOWN

The brilliant Wreck and Salvage produced a bizarre and unsettling compilation of Sarah Palin's breaths in her recent "Blood Libel" speech. Intrigued, I played the breaths in reverse to see if any secret messages to her supporters might be revealed. I caught a "hhhuuuuthp huue hhhhiii" and also an "ia ia!" but did you catch the bit at the beginning where she actually speaks? I believe she says "McCartney, very much sad. F*** GIBBS, AIGHT?" Chilling. IMPORTANT UPDATE: Joe Sabia has slowed Palin's breathing to 30% of its normal rate. BEHOLD: The Sarah Palin Wall of Nightmares towers before you.


  1. This is an example of what very nearly every sentient being in the entire universe wants from Sarah Palin.

  2. Watching this on YouTube, you should repeatedly press number 5. When you’re bored, then press 8 like a maniac. And then move on to 9.

    1. I found randomly smacking the number keys worked well also. 5-9-5-9 and 3-6-3-6, that sort of thing.

      For those of you that haven’t tried this yet, all it does is advance/rewind the video to certain spots. Looks like 3 is 30% of the way through, 5 is 50%, etc.

  3. But, she’s irrelevant. Michael Moore said so when Obama was elected. Why is anyone following her antics? You were ignoring her up until recently by your own admission.

  4. Top notch, much more interesting than a traditional Palin speech, bravo !

    Speech writers, take note.

  5. Ok thats was a bit of an improvement. Lets just try to slow her breathing down now by 100% and I think we have achieved perfection

  6. This reminds me of the groundbreaking work of the Language Removal Services lab. I recommend their Static Language Sampler CD, where they remove the language from the speech of various artists and celebrities. Compare the samples for Marilyn Monroe and Sylvester Stallone on that page for an insight into how language removal reveals the true nature of a persons character.

  7. Oh for crying…

    Look, I don’t like her at all, but what’s the point of this? That people look stupid when you take various things out of context?

    1. Nah… I think it’s just surreal. Like Bill Viola surreal.

      I can see this working as an installation piece.

  8. I didn’t dare watch the videos. The extreme close-ups in the preview picture were terrifying enough in themselves.

  9. Now do one of her interview at the turkey slaughter backwards, to see that guy vacuum up blood and cap the heads back on.

  10. Look, I for one wish that BoingBoing would provide an Adults Only rating for this. This is surely just an example of SP having sex and someone has recorded it with a POV camera.

    Shame on you all. Definitely not suitable for work and certainly not suitable for home when the wife can is within hearing!

  11. “the term ‘mouth breather’ is used as an insult towards a person with a perceived lack of intelligence or someone with poor social skills.” Sarah is obviously a mouth breather. This probably also relates to the Net discussions of her bad breath.

  12. I think people are falling for the ‘look at the puppet! Look at the puppet! It’s so evil! Attack it!’.

    After this whole blood libel craporama, it’s obvious that she isn’t going “hmmmmm what do I do today? I know, the blood libel. It’s Day 787897 of my plan. It’s now time to do blood libel. Perfect!”

    Her scriptwriters and those behind her are the ones who are really to be looked at.

    Does anyone know her scriptwriters? We can start there. Can we get footage of them, and do something similar?

    I mean, otherwise, we aren’t really evolving much beyond much else. And, at least me, come here to see where humans are doing and making things that push us further along some track.

    Getting into the whole “Sarah Palin is x” is what has always worked for eons. In fact, it is EXPECTED that we do this. She does the moron thing so well, SO WELL, and so determinately, that this isn’t just her idea.

    Hey she likes populism. So likes authoritarianism. A lot of people do. A lot of people need figures to follow. We can be conscious about this a lot more I feel.

    So yeah, put up as many Palin videos showing her to be a doofus. Like, don’t stop. It’s probably in the scriptwriters/Palin backer’s SWOT analysis. I suspect they expect this.

  13. She’s filled with secrets
    Where we’re from, the birds sing a pretty song
    and there’s always music
    in the air

  14. Whoops, sorry about the double post–some kind of Movable Type error, something or other–but I s’pose I should edit out the “should” and make that a “could”.

  15. I eagerly await the day Sarah Palin stops playing politician so please don’t mistake me for an apologist, but I’ve got to ask… what’s up with this breathing meme? Is it just a meme, funny because we’re all familiar with it, or am I supposed to see something in her breathing?

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