Video of weapons from Badass Lego Guns

Here's a video showing how the weapons from the Badass Lego Guns book (mentioned here) work.


  1. “All that we had previously achieved mechanically by great exertion and coordination can now be achived electrically without effort. Hence the specter of joblessness and propertylessness in the electric age. Wealth and work become information factors, and totally new structures are needed to run a business or relate it to social needs and markets. With electric technology, the new kinds of instant interdependence and interprocess that take over production also enter the market and social organizations. For this reason, markets and education designed to cope with the products of servile toil and mechanical production are no longer adequate . . .

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    — Marshall McLuhan, Understanding Media, 1964

  2. i wonder if the good Pastor James Brown, Jr, played with Lego guns when he was young?

    (see the next post)

  3. Awesome video. Our anonymous presenter displays a almost disturbing familiarity with his weapons, honed through years of training alone. We do not know why he sacrificed his soul to the ways of the gun, but when the time comes, he is prepared to infiltrate into the very heart of legoland and execute his mission.

  4. Neeeeed!!! Oh, my… I need to build those!

    Oh, wait… am I a bad mommy if I build them with my 7 yo daughter? Who cares… I need to build those!!!

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