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  1. braincelljupiter says:

    Nice ad for Vikingfiord vodka.

    • Andrea James says:

      @braincelljupiter: Ads and viral videos for products/services/ideas/causes are a staple here. My old agency uses a BB post about a piece they created in their case study for a popular household cleaner. Resistance is futile!

    • RioMcT says:

      While I knew this was an ad for whatever was in the bottle, I didn’t know what the product was until braincelljupiter explained it out, without his help the spore of the viral video would never had fully germinated for me.

  2. LeSinge says:

    Is that blood on his chest around 1:23? Did he freeze his skin to the ice at some point? Ouch.

  3. Anonymous says:

    If only he had clapped his hands once his belly was on the the ice. Too much? maybe.

  4. Anonymous says:

    ice… MADNESS

  5. T Nielsen Hayden says:

    Andrea, i think it’s great that your old agency can get their clients to underwrite bits of entertainment for Boing Boing.

  6. slippy0 says:

    Watching this video I thought this was just one of those really naturey northern-types.

    Watching his other videos I learned that he is simply crazy.

    • knoxblox says:

      I have been crazy enough to do things like jump out of a perfectly good airplane, but not something like this.

      No way, no how.

  7. Johnny Cat says:

    This video goes really well with “Copacabana” by Barry Manilow. Just Sayin’.

    • Methusedalot says:

      I had Shostakovitch’s Jazz Suite playing in another tab, it fit perfect and gave the clip a manic old time vibe.

  8. YarbroughFair says:

    I miss enjoying time by myself. Being in the presence of your own personal company and having fun is a feat most people will never attain. I hope he told someone where he was going.


    I’m going to climb under a down comforter now and turn the electric blanket all the way up. Just watching that clip makes my feet ache.

  10. The Life Of Bryan says:

    I think I’ve got those same hockey skates.

    Clearly I have not earned them.

  11. dragonfrog says:

    I’m just warming up from my walk home, during which I suffered from a lack of gloves and a somewhat inadequate toque, with the aid of a glass of whiskey. Now I feel both very wimpy, and cold all over again.

  12. Antinous / Moderator says:

    It was 82° here Sunday.

    • Cory Foy says:

      I’m in West Central Florida, and it was in the upper 70s this week.

      Although, when I was in Sweden back in November, I did something called the hot/cold dinner, where they give you appetizers (and alcohol for some), put you in a Sauna, then you come out and jump into the pit black waters (it’s between 9 and 10pm at this point) of the Baltic Sea. For this native Floridian, I thought it was going to be awful, but I’ll truly say it was an absolutely wonderful experience.

      They did say, however, that about 400 meters away were where the women were doing the same thing, but they didn’t suggest trying to swim it so you didn’t die.

  13. caipirina says:

    This video is a great inspiration for kids!

    NOT !!!!!

  14. IamInnocent says:

    Too bad that he couldn’t manage to film when he was skating under the ice.

  15. frankieboy says:

    I was going to crack a snarky remark, but I’m afraid he’d swim over to New York and kick my ass.

  16. devophill says:

    At first I thought he was weird. Then I thought he was crazy. Then I though, “He must be drunk as hell”. I guess answer #3 was the correct one.

    • Donal says:

      Highly unlikely he was drunk or even drinking alcohol. Experienced cold water swimmers avoid alcohol as it reduces peripheral vaso-constriction, which makes you FEEL warmer, but actually reduces core temperature. Normally vaso-constriction reduces blood flow to the extremities in order to retain blood flow. I’ve found after a few years cold water training, that my gasp reflex and hyperventilation are also subdued. I no longer breathe heavily etc, and I’m thinner than this guy.

  17. awjtawjt says:

    yeah whatever, we all do that up here in the cold north country

  18. cjp says:

    Wait a minute. Being able to extricate yourself from icy waters like this is a terrific skill. And this guy manages it with a pair of hockey skates on. He looks like a seal. We should all be taught this in technique in school when they’re teaching us to stop drop and roll.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I lol’d.

  20. Brainspore says:

    I’m from California and I find this confusing. How was he able to stand on the surface of the water like that? Is he Jesus?

  21. Anonymous says:

    Three hikers found this footage washed up on the shore.

  22. starfish and coffee says:

    Although the nutcase skater is the genuine article, I’d imagine Vikingfjord paid him something for this stuff. In Norway you’re not allowed advertise alcohol stronger than 2% (?), but there are workaround solutions.

  23. Anonymous says:

    He must have had some serious shrinkage.

  24. Sparky says:

    Clearly his neighbours live very far away.

  25. ol' Smokey says:

    Watching this video again, I just realized it’s a advertisement for a brand of vodka. Perfect viral marketing, it was picked up unknowingly and distributed though boingboing.

    • djn says:

      Nah, seems unlikely – he’s got a bunch of other equally weird videos with low views and no vodka. (And it’s a rather common, cheap, brand – which makes it plausible that it was just what he had lying around.)

  26. cmjersey says:

    Does no one else see it??? This man is a super hero! He has powers! POWERS I TELL YOU! He swims like a harbor seal! He drinks like a fish! He is impervious to cold and pain! And he is as graceful as a dancer in the Paris Opera Ballet! Behold the future of man and rejoice!

  27. mercator says:

    His ability to swim with skates on is most impressive.

  28. IronEdithKidd says:

    his guy puts the Polar Bear Club to shame.

  29. tsturm says:

    Highly recommend some of his other videos – I know what I’ll send out as a xmas greeting next winter… :)

  30. DoctressJulia says:

    That was amazing. I want to hang out with this guy. He’s playful! :3

  31. Anonymous says:

    There’s no way this is a viral marketing campaign. Watch the other videos he’s uploaded: further adventures with skating, dogs, chainsaws, boats, outhouses. Very, very Norwegian.

    Simple Google stalking reveals he’s got an under-used Twitter account:!/toreckhoff

    Also a Picasa account full of further adventures in Norway:

  32. Anonymous says:

    Did I just watch a fetish video? This is really unsettling, especially towards the end.

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