Playmobil Stop Motion Joy Division

That's right. Joy Division's "Transmission" as performed by Playmobil toys in stop motion. It's right in all the wrong ways. [Video Link]


  1. It should be noted that this used the audio of their only broadcast TV appearance on BBC2’s ‘Something Else’, a lesser known music program. It’s pretty much shot-for-shot, and I dont’t see much difference from the robotic performance of the original. Joy Division weren’t known for very exciting performances.

    1. “Joy Division weren’t known for very exciting performances. ”

      Unless you count the eternal question at a JD concert: Is Ian Curtis just dancing weird, or is he having an epileptic seizure?

      I’m not kidding. It happened on at least one occasion, maybe more. (He also did get more animated than in this early performance, but he always had a rather herky jerky style of dancing, even before his diagnosis.)

      I’d also have to go check the original to see if Peter Hook was playing a six string bass yet. I think this is a bit early for that.

  2. As Xeni said, ultimate BoingBoing post is right. This is… perhaps the archetypal BoingBoing post. Thanks Sean.

  3. This song always makes me think of the movie “24 hour party people”. or at least the seen where JD is recording and the producer puts the drummer on the roof.

  4. Joy Division were notoriously inconsistent in terms of how good they were live, but catch them on a good night and they were amazing.

    Oh and there is a compilation of Ian Curtis dancing on you tube

  5. Rubbish attempt at Ian Curtis dancing. You’d be better off getting rabbits to mime. I did try, but with limited success.

  6. I know, it’s already been said, but — that drummer is made of AWESOME!

    Now I want more videos and more playmobil drummers.

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