Man's head rejects implanted camera

skullcam.jpg Artist Wafaa Bilal mounted a camera on a titanium base inserted between his skull and his skin, and planned to live with it embedded in his head for a year. Though he took antibiotic and steroid treatments, persistence was futile: his body rejected part of the implant, forcing its removal last week. Photo: Reuters/Jessica Rinaldi


  1. I guess his body has more sense than he does.

    Sorry. . . I’m trying not to be a grumpy old man here (get off my lawn!), but I was never really crazy about this project. It didn’t seem to accomplish anything that couldn’t be more easily done by attaching a small camera to a hat a shirt collar.

    I actually think human augmentation has the potential to be pretty awesome, but I never got what that camera mount was supposed to achieve that couldn’t be done cheaper / easier / just as well without surgical implantation.

  2. How do we know the camera didn’t reject his head?

    Also, I was somewhat disappointed once I actually saw what had gone on here–he doesn’t have a camera in his head, he’s got (or had, anyway) a mounting plate. If it was me, I’d have chosen a mounting plate that could’ve held all sorts of things: camera, LED light, l’il video display, etc.

    I like the efforts of 2209’s camera-eyeball-guy better. Much more implanty, I think. It’s actually in his head, instead of attached to it.

  3. This looks like overkill to me. What, he never heard of crazy glue, a hat or a strap. He needed to do this just like he needed a hole in his head….Oh, right. Next time some glue, duct tape, a hat, double-stick foam tape or a strap not holes in the head.

    1. Normally I’d say gluing shit to your heat with Crazy Glue is kind of crazy, but under the circumstances it’s looking like a very reasonable alternative.

  4. I share your grumpy perspective:

    -it’s not even a camera, it’s a camera mount. The only compelling reason to have a camera surgically implanted in your head is historical integrity. If you can take the camera off when you’re watching youporn, it doesn’t count.

    -the camera faces backwards! In other words, he took one of the most extreme steps imaginable to capture all the action, and he would have captured NONE of it.

    -the turtleneck. Who wears that?!?

    1. -the turtleneck. Who wears that?!?

      Well turtles I suppose and also Velma Dinkley who is smart enough to not attach devices to the back of her head by whatever means.

  5. This fellow obviously never had my Mom to tell him, “Young man, you need that like a hole in your head.”

    1. I was thinking the same, the Borg must spend a fortune on anti-rejection drugs.
      This whole camera implant thing was just a publicity grabbing stunt, he could have done a much better project by having some kind of clip-on camera, and he could have actually finished the project. Uggh, I always thought body mutilation as performance art was a bad thing, yuck.

  6. He should gouge out an eye and put in one of those X10 cameras in the socket.

    I am half serious…

    You could make a fake eye into a camera that either saves the days shots onto an SD chip, or save to internal memory that later can be transferred wirelessly.

  7. When does his body reject his brain for being an idiot?

    The back of his head was the perfect spot to capture his momma’s hand as she smacked him upside it.

  8. I know it isn’t as edgy and whatever but why don’t you just put the camera on a hat and wear that all day? Alot less pain, scars, money, danger and public humiliation. Something to consider.

  9. I think I just realized why this dodo attached the camera mount this way. It was for the publicity. If he had used anything else to do this, it would not have been a big deal but he had holes drilled in his skull. That was unusual and so it was a big deal. He has us and lots of others talking about this now.

  10. I had heard about this, but didn’t quite realize how he was going about it. No crap it rejected, look at the shape of the skull, there’s too much pressure on the skin there from something implanted, regardless of the antibiotics and steroids he may have been taking. Had he looked into body modification and surface piercing at all before he attempted this he would have realized this. There’s a reason it took so much experimentation to get surface piercings to not reject. Sheesh.

  11. Even if this had succeeded, all he would have gotten was hundreds of hours of strangers staring at the ugly chunk of metal sticking out of the open wound in the back of his head. This was supposed to tell us … what about society?

  12. Seeing the headline “Man’s head rejects implanted camera” makes me wonder how I ever slogged through life 10 or 15 years ago.

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