Minecraft papercraft

Character designer Tubbypaws has fallen down the Minecraft productivity singularity and has emerged bearing a downloadable, printable, buildable Minecraft papercraft design for your delectation.
I would of released this a while ago but i was busy playing the blocky block game and i got lost looking for diamonds then i heard a noise and got scared but it was just a cat outside so it was ok
Minecraft papercraft (via Super Punch)


    1. Seeing as how games like Minecraft are like crack to me, I’ve been avoiding it too lest I get sucked in.

    2. Like all good singularities, you must pass through them. You can’t avoid it, all your future lightcones have already been captured by it…

      Jooooooiiiiiin uuussssssssssssss….

  1. It really is just absurdly addictive. Also I would consider myself something of a “computer addiction connoisseur”. I’ve poured hours and hours into pretty much every release of Sid’s Civilization series, Master of Orion, etc etc etc, yet the simply unadulterated addiction of Minecraft is greater than any of these games. I honestly haven’t had a game take up this much headspace since I was a kid playing battletoads or Probotector (Contra for you NTSC people). You constantly think about the game, strategies for what you will do in it, and it feeds so many gameplay styles all at the same time to make it appealing to a very wide audience. The thing is, I can see elements of WOW and the sims within Minecraft, yet I didn’t enjoy either of those games (they’re kids games really), yet Minecraft can be played by all ages, is addictive as anything I’ve ever played, and the only downside is managing the server and backing it up constantly.

    Minecraft is AWESOME!

      1. AH OTTD! Yep I’ve spent a lot of time on that, and even the original TTDX when it came out. Absolutely classic games. Although for me the the best game of all time still goes to the original XCOM: Ufo Defence. I wish they would do a remake that was just a flat out copy of the original, with a few updates and that’s about it. I’d play that.

  2. I generally hate the boxy papercraft patterns, I like a bit of a challenge, but for this- it’s great (I need to get more printer ink :( )

  3. >I would of released this a while ago
    >I would of released
    >I would of
    >would of


  4. I remember when I could rely on not seeing people go into spastic fits because of something as trivial as a grammatical error.

    That said, this is amazing, Minecraft is amazing, and this needed to happen.

  5. Minecraft is great, but it really only scratches the same itch that Dwarf Fortress does to me personally. It’s much prettier, but also much, much less deep. I’ve already built all the ridiculous megaconstructions I want to, and aw crap. Now I wanna go play DF again.

  6. Dammit, a crepper just blew up my auxiliary chest and I didnt have enough planks to make a new one in time and lost a ton of goods.

    people avoiding minecraft, DO NOT purchase. It will be the worst jefferson you ever spend.

  7. I knew it was time to stop playing that game when I started building gigantic structures specifically to block out the sun and kill the grass. (I refrained from destroying the world, although it’s possible that destroying the world might cure one’s addiction.)

  8. I’ve just now emerged from my Minecraft hole.

    *blink* *blink*

    2011 already? Really? Like, I missed Christmas? WTF?

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