Poe's Detective: audio editions of Poe's groundbreaking detective stories


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Poor Bronson Pinchot — like Paul Reubens (Pee Wee Herman) he will be forever haunted by that screwball character.

    Ever since, he’s done excellent — if often minor — work in drama. He makes a great villain. There’s got to be some youtube clips.

    Looks like a good collection, though. Audiobooks in a series should always be read by the same person.

  2. Scarecrow Repair says:

    I have never read the Poe stories, so I can’t compare them to Holmes. But I can’t let Homes be insulted like that without a response.

    Every single Sherlock Holmes story I read always left me with the feeling that I could have figured them out from the clues given, even filtered thru Watson, before Holmes spilled the beans. I do not mean solved, because Watson did leave out certain things, but I always felt I had been given enough information to see where Holmes was going.

    Contrast that with Agatha Christie, who dumped clues by the ton, and seemed to only resolve things when she suddenly realized that she had typed enough and needed a perp so she could get on with gardening or something else, so she picked one character she didn’t like, scrounged thru her bucket of clues, and threw together some ending. ANYONE could have been the guilty party, but she had to pick one, and anyone who picked the right one before the end did so just by chance.

    Homes never cheated like that. You seem to equate loquaciousness with not cheating, which seems a bit rich.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Years ago Edmund Hardwicke (Jeremy Brett’s “Watson”) did an awesome rendition of “The Purloined Letter” that’s gonna be a tough act to follow. Hardwicke’s voice characterizations are WAY more fun than Ben Kingsley’s dry recitation of the text (my local library used to have both versions before they discarded all their cassette tapes)

    Can’t wait to hear the Pinchot version….

    (Wish Poe had written MORE Dupin stories)

  4. DEStrath says:

    Tired Cory? Third to last paragraph… Lapin?

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