The Silver Lake Badminton And Adventurers Club


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  2. Anonymous says:

    As someone who has pretty much been born and raised in Silverlake my whole life I’ll counter the above comment and say that Sean is correct. Silverlake is on the Eastside. When we describe ourselves, it’s certainly not as Westsiders, lol. I’d pretty consider anything Eastside that’s east of La Brea. East LA is another matter and that could be viewed as being across of the river although even that only denotes certain areas directly east of downtown.

    • tarabrown says:

      As someone who was born and raised in SILVER LAKE you should know how to refer to your own neighborhood. There’s a space between Silver and Lake.

      OK, back to the awesome that is this web series.

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  4. TelfordTaylor says:

    The East LA – Eastside distinction is right. Technically, as much as we all love East LA, it is not part of the City of Los Angeles, but rather an unincorporated part of Los Angeles County. That’s why you get Sheriffs instead of LAPD in East LA. So, to review, east of Hollywood and the dudes beating the crap out of brown people are wearing blue, eastside. Dudes beating the crap out of brown people wearing tan, East LA. QED.

    • timquinn says:

      Not quite right, TT. Unincorporated areas of the eastside are called EastLA and will probably become a city in the near future. Other parts of the eastside are LA city, such as Boyle Heights.

      Eastside is a name with deep historical roots. I don’t want to get into the details since I am no expert. In my view, a ‘hipster’ should be keenly aware of this. Respect for other cultures, especially when we all live here together, especially when the distinctions are fading, especially in view of the way artists love to ‘borrow,’ especially when people in uniforms of all colors have an equal opportunity to dent the craniums of law abiding people, is a critical component of the culture warriors mind set.

  5. timquinn says:

    I do apologize. I should have known it was not you.

  6. thegonzalez says:

    I was wondering how long it would take before someone would point out that Silver Lake isn’t in East L.A.

  7. Matthew Smith says:

    Thanks for posting this Sean! (this is Matthew – the director) I just wanted to let people know that we made this for a competition called Celebrate The Web which you can read more about here –>

    We’re really excited people are enjoying it, and look forward to finishing the next two episodes. Fernando Fernando’s death must be avenged!!

  8. aj says:

    The ironic sports just keep coming! First kickball, then dodgeball, now badminton. What’s next, shuffleboard?

  9. timquinn says:

    Sean, Sean, Sean, Silver Lake is not on the East side of Los Angeles, but you know that, don’t you?

    The Eastside is East of the river and is the long-time home of an enormous number of brown skinned natives. Maybe this is why you have difficulty acknowledging it’s existence?

    (Why is it the “new hipster” is so tone deaf about this?)

    Anyway, shame on you.

    • Sean Bonner says:

      I actually didn’t write that part, an editor added it after I submitted the post. As the publisher of, I’ve known very well for quite a long time that Silver Lake isn’t the east side of LA. I don’t have any problem acknowledging it’s existence and travel east of the river, east of downtown, east of the 5, east of not east frequently.

      Please point your “new hipster” accusations elsewhere.

    • kridje says:

      I believe the area you are referring to is East LA, which is not necessarily the same thing as the eastside. Most Angelenos associate anything east of Hollywood as being eastside, which includes Silver Lake, Echo Park and Los Feliz. And yes anything east of the 5 is obviously eastside as well.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I don’t really get the whole turf war going on over the term “east side”. It’s not something that’s been voted on by the city council or anything. It’s just a term people use. It has whatever meaning people give it, I don’t think it’s in any way a knock by Sean on any community or group of people. It’s just a way MANY people refer to Silver Lake and Echo Park.

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