Friday Freak-Out: It's A Beautiful Day's "White Bird" (1971)

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Friday Freak-Out: It's A Beautiful Day performing "White Bird" live at the Fillmore, 1971. From the film Fillmore: The Last Days.


  1. I was there. :)

    We had just graduated from high school in the Bay Area that spring, and my friends and I wanted to celebrate by going to the Fillmore during the last week. We couldn’t afford to go every night so we checked the scheduled line up and decided to go the night IaBD was scheduled to perform.

    Sorry, I can’t remember the rest of the line up that night.

  2. I remember circa 1990 L.A. radio station KLSX (back when it was a classic rock station) would always let us listeners know that they were playing this song off of DAT. How many commercially-produced pre-recorded DAT cassettes were made available? More or less than the number of pre-recorded Minidiscs?

  3. Totally. Freaking. Awesome.

    the woowoo fauxlectricity video bit was perhaps a little much.

    But a groovy time capsule. . .yay musicians!

    Fly birdie, fly!

  4. Amazing. I’ve got the original album from my misspent youth. Some of the best of “underground” rock. Don’t think I ever heard it on Top 40 stations.

  5. Been a fan for a long time, some great sound. Songs I can imagine listening to in an amphitheater somewhere in my later years. So easy-listening but not the forgettable blah of later years.

  6. man, it’s awesome to see this group grace boingboing. I grew up listening to this album (thanks to my parents). heh. In fact, I remember my dad in the 80s going to the record shop and purchasing the rare cd at the time. I seem to remember it was in the glass display case up front, and not in the normal racks in the store. how interesting. ahhh the memories.

  7. Just dug the album out from my collection. I know I’d pull it out regularly for about 15 years. Great album art as well. Thanks, David!

  8. I saw Beautiful Day perform this at the Spectrum In Philadelphia. They opened for Santana. This would be around ’71 or ’72. Good times. Thanks for the reminder.

  9. Believe it or not this band, with numerous personnel changes, is still active and based in Petaluma. CA. I haven’t seen them live but the musician/owner of the local hip record store assures me they do still perform.

  10. “Dieses Video enthält Content von SME. Es ist in deinem Land nicht verfügbar.”

    German Youtube sucks! 6 from 10 viewing attempts on my favourite music-videos end up in this cute message above.

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