Frank Frazetta was a paperback book cover model


Thanks for blowing my mind today, Shane Glines -- the late great fantasy artist Frank Frazetta was a model for exploitation paperbacks!


  1. I do hope that all the books in the series use the words “snatched” and “snatching” and other variants on the cover, if only for consistency.

  2. If you can’t afford my fee to do your cover, I’ll pose for free if I can do the girl on your cover … at least, that’s how I like to imagine negotiations going.

  3. It’s hard to find images of him because there are so many images by him, but when he was younger, he looked like a Beat poet/underwear model.

    1. I’m sure he didn’t approve of the photographers flat lighting and boring composition on the left image. He looks better in
      this photo.

      1. The image on the left seems to be his Bob Crane phase. Middle-age can be a bitch. The linked photo you provide shows him in a male hustler moment. Did he also do vaguely ambiguous photo shoots in the 50s in gyms and other manly places?

  4. What’s this one on the right about, stealing condoms and birth control pills in some sort of crazy heist? …Oh. Guess I should read more carefully.

  5. There’s sort of a karmic balance between the usual subject matter of Frazetta’s (mind-blowing) artwork and the subject matter of these covers. It’s right that he should be on both the giving and the receiving ends. Happily so in both cases, it seems.

  6. Pictures of young Frank with his Harley are effing awesome – he was often the thinly-disgused – if at all – male model in his own paintings and illos anyway; he was a lot of of the amazing Conan, Tarzan, and Buck Rogers pieces, how do beat that?

  7. Author “F. W. Paul” was in fact multi-genre journeyman Paul W. Fairman, notable in science fiction for having ghostwritten the YA novel The Runaway Robot for Lester del Rey. And for having been the first editor of If.

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