"Reality 86'd," David Markey's film on the final tour of Black Flag

Twitter newbie Henry Rollins says, "In 1986, Dave Markey made a documentary of Black Flag's final tour. He just posted it for free viewing. Brutal!"


  1. I still vividly remember sitting in the theater at Yerba Buena Center in SF for a screening of 86’d…

    Alas, it was not to be.

    Word has it that Greg Ginn showed up in person with a court order to shut it down.

    I finally get to see it!

  2. Please, no. Rollins had a band that made a handful of great songs, and he has a terrific physique. And I have serious, SERIOUS respect for his work ethic. But everything I’ve read by him has been utterly trite and forgettable rage against LaMachine.

    1. I’m not familiar with his writing, but I find his current rage to be quite memorable, coherent, focused rage with a good dose of humor and insight.

  3. Love Rollins… Saw him back in the day… have seen him present day. The guy has been around and seen the world in many ways that most of us have barely experienced.

  4. Y’know, I’d love to meet Henry Rollins, just so I could shake his hand and say, “HEY! Henry! Henry fuckin’ Rollins! Nice to meet you!”

    And yeah. He could pretty much crush my hand or whatever at that point. It’d just be okay to make it that far.


  5. A not to distant interview with him on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast is completely at odds with a very violent memory of him at a show circa 1982 in Seattle with Saccharine Trust (? maybe?). At any rate, after listening to the interview I was so impressed that I can only say that my memory serves me wrong.

    On the interview, he relates the sad and horrifying story where he and a buddy were jumped in his house in Venice and the friend was murdered.

  6. Dude, i totally did that and he was really great about it and then i gave him a hug

    love that guy

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