Famous People Hanging Out With Their Vinyl


A wonderful photo-essay on Dangerous Minds. The selection above, obviously: Marilyn Monroe.
(thanks, Tara McGinley!)


  1. Would love to be able to read what’s in her bookcase. (Yes, that’s what she said, but I’m actually just that nosy.)

  2. I think the application of the word “photo essay” to what is essentially a tumblr blog is probably a stretch.

    But some cool photos in the collection. The Beatles photo is interesting because Paul’s holding the Dylan album that had a deep effect on Lennon’s perspective on songwriting.

    The Erykah Badu photo is almost a sick joke; she’s using special vinyl discs to scratch mp3 tracks. I have little problem with the technology per se, but it shouldn’t be in the collection.

    I love that Elvis pic. Compositionally it’s not great, but he seems to be almost in meditation. Most of the other photos are “hey, here I am being cool with my records.” But Elvis has his back turned. He doesn’t give a shit about the photographer, he’s listening to music.

    I love the turntable in the Sophia Loren photo. It has a cool ’40s industrial futurism to it.

  3. I was never much of a Marilyn Monroe fan, but I absolutely love that photo. Yeah, man.

  4. These ‘stars at home’ things always have a picture of Marlon Brando with a cat.

  5. Sorry to be pedantic, but at least three of the shots are not people ‘with their record collections’.

    It looks to me like Patti Smith is actually in a record shop, not her record collection. Or then she is the kind of collector that sticks post-it notes on her display records at home.

    Björk is clearly in a record shop.

    Erykah Badu is, as previously stated, playing serato control discs. I guess that is what constitutes a record collection these days, but still a fairly po-mo way of looking at it, no?

  6. Books I can identify so far…
    SNOBS, A Guidebook – Russel Lynes
    THE MATURE MIND – Harry Overstreet
    THIS IS AMERICA – D Kartun
    PEACE OF MIND – Joshua Liebman

    And some sort of Oscar Wilde Anthology.

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