Indies shine at mainstream gaming mecca

At the E3 gaming trade show last week, IndieCade represented "an oasis of creativity and DIY innovation," writes Turnstyle's Noah Nelson.
indicadee3.jpg IndieCade's presence at E3 is one of the fulcrum points where the large indie game scene connects with major publishers and platform holders. New studios like Haunted Temple Enterprises, who were at the booth showing off Skulls of the Shogun, benefited from expo buzz. The studio is comprised of industry professionals who've struck out on their own after years of toiling away at megapublishers like EA.
Diving Deep To The Edge Of Play: IndieCade @ E3 [Turnstyle]


  1. PAX has had an indie section since at least 2008 (the first time I went) if not longer (probably longer, just I can’t verify it). Ha I’m posting anonymously and talking about verification on the internet.

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