/ Cory Doctorow / 5 am Wed, Jun 22 2011
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  • Sweet Tooth 3: Animal Armies

    Sweet Tooth 3: Animal Armies

    Jeff Lemire's third Sweet Tooth collection, Animal Armies, is a most excellent continuation of one of the best apocalyptic comics currently underway: the story of a world-killing plague that leaves human-animal hybrids in its wake. It's pretty much impossible to review this volume without spolierizing the first two, so I'll just say, hot damn, that's some fine eschatology!

    Sweet Tooth Vol. 3: Animal Armies


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    1. You’re my favorite person, Cory. Just as I’m meandering about the internet looking for a new book or gnovel to fill that ever present void left by the last piece of literary entertainment I enjoyed, you post yet another comic that looks like it needs some serious reading done to it.

      Impeccable taste, as always. Oh, and I thoroughly enjoyed your intro on vol 3 of DMZ. Keep up the good work.

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