Putin sent by God, says Kremlin chief

putinard1.jpg Photo: REUTERS/Charles Platiau The Kremlin's top political strategist, Vladislav Surkov, told reporters that "Putin is a person who was sent to Russia by fate and by the Lord at a difficult time for Russia ... preordained by fate to preserve our peoples." You just don't get sycophancy of this caliber here.


      1. Good Putin, that’s disorienting! Too much symmetry. The angles are off and his eyes are slightly crossed, as if robo-Putin’s head is hinging open for rear access. Just looking at it gives me an instant headache.

    1. This comment is now out of context since there was once TWO copies of this post and I was attempting a witty callback to a “Krusty the Clown” skit I saw on the TeeVee. Oh well.

  1. Anti-Putin propaganda, cause Putin spoke less than favorably about the almighty US dollar this week. Currency war in full effect.

  2. Actually, during the Bush (mal)administration, we got precisely that kind of sycophancy here!


    1. Actually, Bush said this about HIMSELF. At least Putin lets others say it about him (in public — who knows what he says and thinks in private).

  3. We get just that caliber of sycophancy here:

    In June 2003, retired Lieutenant General William G. Boykin said of George W. Bush, “Why is this man in the White House? The majority of Americans did not vote for him. Why is he there? And I tell you this morning that he’s in the White House because God put him there for a time such as this.”

    That’s some kind of punitive god, me-thinks.

  4. To be fair, without more context or knowing anything about the guy, it’s impossible to say how literally that’s intended.

    Also, nice psychotic angel Putin closeup.

    1. If that photo is current, I’m writing him to ask about his skin care regimen.

          1. I shudder simply reading the name of that vile concoction. It proves to me how important fermentation is for a stout, because when you remove the alcohol and just have liquid pumpernickel bread, you get kvas.

          2. But it TASTES like pumpernickel bread soaked in cola. I believe there’s still a 1.6% alcohol content on average, depending on who makes it?

            Either way, the die-hard patriots seem to love it in an inversely proportional manner to how much they hate Coca-Cola.
            Of course, I admit my observations are in no way an empirical study of the subject.

          3. Maybe it’s the cola element that really turns my stomach – can’t stand the stuff. Pumpernickel is fine, especially marbled with rye, just so long as it’s not liquefied prior to my ingestion.

            You may have my lifetime allotment. None for Trent.

      1. I’m writing him to ask about his skin care regimen

        I’m guessing he uses Adobe products.

    2. yes after all the whole quote could have been “can you believe that there are idiots out there who say Putin is a person who was sent to Russia by fate and by the Lord…”

      Or it could be a Russian figure of speech like “thank god for that” which got it’s meaning garbled up by google translate.

  5. You just don’t get sycophancy of this caliber here.

    You obviously didn’t grow up in Massachusetts, where half the houses had a Kennedy shrine with votive candles and a hideous painting/tapestry/commemorative plate of JFK and RFK prominently displayed in the living room. The poor BVM was exiled to a half-buried bathtub grotto in the front yard.

    1. This weekend I was at a flea market looking over vintage novelty buttons and the guy who ran the booth excitedly said “We have Spiro Agnew buttons!”

      It’s 2011. Who cares? America does have an idol-like worship of leaders of all caliber. I mean think about the amount of Nixon crap out there. Or the simple fact that Nixon is constantly brought up as an example of government corruption when there are tons worse examples that have risen and fallen since 1974.

      1. That’s an anagram of “Grow a penis”. This makes me giggle in a way that is really very immature.

  6. Vladislav Surkov needs to get his facts straight.

    Putin is Jesus Christ.

    To say anything short of that requires nothing less than to be cast, in the flesh, down that hole the Russians drilled into Hell a while back

  7. U.S. Politicians don’t need that level of sycophancy since they don’t hold themselves back from telling us that they were sent from Gd to be president/senator/governor.

  8. “W” already pulled this off with the Evangelicals. It worked so well that even Putin is willing to use it.

  9. If there is a God, all these politicians will be roasting in you-know-where, while I’m upstairs playing my harp on some cloud.

  10. The picture shows Putin’s reaction to the comment. He can’t believe his luck that people think this of him.

  11. Nixon is not the last example for corruption, but he is the last example where it had enough consequences that few people will contest it. Reagan, Clinton, and the Bushes are all saints to different people.

  12. Ahhh the good old day’s when Gorbi’s port wine stain birth mark was thought to be the mark of the beast. Well, either way, get ready folks. Czar Putin the 1st. It’ coming. It’ll be something between a constitutional monarchy and Czar Nick the 2nd.

  13. (Per the Creationists’ argument style)
    You contrarians have no proof he is not ordained by God,
    therefore your arguments are invalid.

  14. “You just don’t get sycophancy of this caliber here.”

    i believe Mr. Beschizza is in the USofA, no?
    been listening to Michelle Bachman at all recently? Granted, she hasn’t been elected, to the presidency, and never will. Palin isn’t far off. and of course Trump, well… TRUMPS both of them in the sycophantic game

    1. Michelle Bachman would say she was sent by Voldemort if she thought it would get her elected. Sarah Palin’s just a moron that makes Dubya look like an astrophysicist. Donald Trump is nothing but a publicity whore who probably knows full well his ego couldn’t take the criticism of being POTUS.

      In related news, Voldemort has somehow made it into my spellchecker dictionary and I sure as Hades didn’t add it.

      1. In related news, Voldemort has somehow made it into my spellchecker dictionary and I sure as Hades didn’t add it.

        Since Philosopher’s Stone was released 14 years ago, I’d be surprised if it weren’t in there.

    2. Strictly speaking, isn’t _everyone_ placed where they are by God?

      Although I suppose if you’re making up an election poster, “I am the catastrophic leader specifically chosen by God to plague you, so take it like a man and vote for me,” is not the most tactful copy one could use.

  15. The article was not translated it was badly paraphrased. He didn’t say Putin was sent by G-d, he said that he “earnestly believes” in times of great trouble, G-d will bring forth a leader that can make a nation survive if he decided that a nation is worth keeping around. He was talking about the Chechen president, and then he said that Putin he thinks is an example of that too and the two of them were able to end the war in Chechnya and find a way out because they were such people. When someone asked him whether he thought it was diving intervention, he laughed and said that he feels its more a question of destiny.

    For the record this was on Chechen television, so he was playing to the audience. What that means to a “Russian” audience is: “We won, if you think G-d had other plans, think again and get with the program.” He’s a major power broker and operator in Kremlin, very serious guy, not like a commentator on Fox or something.

  16. This just in: People who believe in deities frequently believe that what happens to them is the will of their deities.

  17. Have you had Okhotnichya? It tastes like the mist rising from a new grave at dusk.

  18. That’s a beautiful notion. Is he competing for supremacy against Louis XIV? Does Putin know what century it is? Autocracy is soooo 17th century.

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