Patti Smith: Just Kids, Horses, and Hey Joe

 Www.Spinner.Com Media 2010 11 Just-Kids-Patt-Smith-200X330 Last night, I finished reading Patti Smith's absolutely wonderful book Just Kids, the story of her relationship with the late photographer Robert Mapplethorpe that began on the streets of New York City in 1967. I found it to be a deeply personal, and moving memoir, and a fascinating document of the Manhattan avant-garde art/music scene that emerged around the Chelsea Hotel, Max's Kansas City, and the Bowery in the 1970s. Beautifully-written, Just Kids is a love letter to Mappelthorpe and also a loving tribute to what a friendship can be. After I closed the book, I immediately found this intense video of Smith and her band performing "Horses/Hey Joe" in 1976. "Just Kids" by Patti Smith


  1. Love Patti. Gotta get the book.

    Saw you at the Filmore in SF once, Patti. Early to mid 00’s. Pure awesomeness, and your son (who you burned by revealing he was your son), sure did get it together on Jumping Jack Flash.

    Fucking right. And I got to see the girl who is now my wife turn into a demon on the lyric “Jesus died for somebodies sins, but not mine.” Thanks.

  2. Check out the link provided by jfrancis in the earlier Debbie Harry thread.

    Patti Smith holds a Q&A for kids and sings “You Light Up My Life” circa nineteen-eighty something.

    She’s perfect.

  3. Patti Smith rules.
    I wonder what the Brits made of her at the time?
    I recall the Brit rock establishment was gobsmacked when the New York Dolls appeared on TOGWT. Probably about the same time. Two awesome New York phenomena.

  4. This book is amazing. Saw Patti perform in a church once in Cambridge MA in the mid 90’s. Absolutely amazing.

  5. the book is a brilliant tribute to Robert and Patti’s decades long friendship. A must read.

  6. Definitely read this book in physical book form – it’s beautifully bound. Loved this book!

  7. Great book, I agree!

    I don’t think she dwelled enough, though, on what a huge factor personal appearance and/or attractiveness is in making the NYC art scene. As she obliquely reveals, we’d never have heard of Mapplethorpe, especially, if he hadn’t been such a pretty boy.

  8. Have a signed album by  her, says Celine, Saline, Saliva, spit, priceless, signed at Alexanders in NJ.
    Book was very personal journal of lost era in NY Music history, read, to be reread.

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