Summer in the Bronx (BB Flickr Pool photo)


4 Responses to “Summer in the Bronx (BB Flickr Pool photo)”

  1. zincink says:

    The Bronx is the only place in the NYC area that really feels like the old NY. I miss it sometimes..

  2. Mormon Nailer says:

    John Turturro needs to explain his whereabouts on the night the boy on the left was conceived.

  3. duc chau says:

    Awesome. Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. RJ says:

    That’s a great pic. Maybe I’m off-base for writing this, but that photo seems like a great example of Americana. Even discounting the American elements, the happy shot of two kids, obviously good friends, out having fun is the sort of imagery I think most of us can relate to and appreciate. It lends a little perspective to the usual grind of our adult lives, like a tonic on a dull day.

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