Mexico: another journalist killed

Today, another reporter was murdered in Mexico: Yolanda Ordaz, a crime reporter who was investigating the murder of her boss at Notiver, the daily newspaper where she worked. Her body "was found beheaded next to a message whose contents have not been disclosed." She is the 7th reporter killed in Mexico in 2011. More than 68 have been murdered since 2000. Related: the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas has been mapping attacks on reporters in Mexico, which has emerged as one of the most dangerous countries in the world for the press. Here is a map of attacks during 2010.

(via Rosental)


  1. Disgusting we let this go on in a neigbouring country. Where are our priorities?

    Oh, wait, in the debt ceiling.

    I can only guess that this will get far, far worse, once the GOP destroys the social safety net, poverty explodes in every state, and underfunded law enforcement becomes useless.

  2. Don’t you see? This proves that the war on drugs is working. Because…um…it would have been 7 murders by now otherwise. Oh, this is the 7th? Then it would have been 8 murders by now. Every murder proves how effective the war on drugs is because it’s always at least one less than it would have been without the war.

  3. Why this situation hasn’t gotten the attention of the international community is beyond me. What about this lawless state of affairs doesn’t scream for international or at least American involvement?

  4. Maybe the American Government needs to try and make this better because it is not going away until some serious commitment is made. 

    I’m very touched to see the face of this brave woman.

      1. Very true. Domestic weed smokers are in the clear. Mr. Executive-banker-coke-fiend however…

        It hurts me to see this happening to the people of Mexico. There’s a lot of good people trying to live their daily lives around all this violence. If there’s any sort of realistic solution that can be implemented any time soon, I don’t know what it could be. Ending the war on drugs would be a start but that expectation is neither realistic nor expedient.

  5. RIP you brave person.  I hope the reporters don’t give up there.  They are one of the most important aspects of fighting the corruption.

  6. Journalist gets killed.  Another journalist writes about journalist getting killed.  Journalist gets killed.  Another journalist writes about journalist getting killed.  Journalist gets killed.  Another…

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