Florida kidnapper was released from prison — only to kidnap the same woman weeks later

A Florida man found guilty of kidnapping a woman was released from prison in February — only to kidnap the same woman again in April.

After 53-year-old Jeffrey Holley spent less than one year behind bars in Santa Rosa County for kidnapping and abusing his girlfriend, the determined gentleman immediately picked up where he left off. Meaning, just two months later, Holley trapped his victim inside her house, took away her phone and keys, dismantled her truck, tied her up with rope and duct tape, and assaulted her.

Fortunately, a neighbor witnessed some of what was going on — including hearing the woman scream for help and seeing Holley return to the house with zip ties — and called the police.

From Miami Herald:

He later removed the tape and returned her keys, but when she tried to escape, her truck wouldn't start, she told deputies.

She tried twice to flee to the neighbor's home, but both times he dragged her back to the garage, where he restrained her with rope and duct tape until a neighbor called the police, deputies said.

The neighbor requested a welfare check when they couldn't reach the woman and saw Holley take zip ties from the woman's truck and go back in the home, Santa Rosa Sheriff Bob Johnson said in an April 29 news conference.

Law enforcement said they found the woman on the floor of the garage, while Holley fled into the woods and was brought into custody by a K-9. Johnson called the repeat kidnapping a "textbook example of the revolving door" of crime.

Holley is back behind bars with 11 charges, including "multiple counts of kidnapping, domestic violence battery and theft."

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