Koko's Kitten -- a classic kids' book

[Heartbreaking video link] I really like Burgin Streetman's blog called Vintage Kids' Books My Kid Loves. Today, Burgin wrote about Koko's Kitten.
Any child of the 70s and 80s knows the story of Koko, the orphaned gorilla child who was taught to speak sign language and communicate with humans... This is the sweet, but heartbreaking tale of Koko and her pet kitten, All Ball (Koko named it herself). The joy she feels upon receiving it as a gift and the grief when the animal is inadvertently run over by a car. If nothing else, this story illustrates how closely linked we as human beings are to these incredible creatures.
Koko's Kitten


  1. I remember hearing this. It’s a heartwarming tale.

    Koko’s “nipple fetish” however makes her seem a little less like a “gentle giant” and more just like a primal human, which does seem more logical.

    I realize this might not be a new thing as well, but I don’t care for the new BoingBoing “like” feature. Too much Facebook, not enough BoingBoing.

  2. All I know is: do _not_ give these guys Xanax (or is it: do _not_ forget to give these guys their Xanax?) Or they’ll rip your face off.  (I got to find out which one it is; I like my face.)

  3. BTW – after seeing excepts from PROJECT NIM – and how Nim uses a cat to masturbate with (also loved cats) brings a  whole new perspective to the ALL BALL monicker

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