Worf album covers


7 Responses to “Worf album covers”

  1. han says:

    Wow.  Lots of great ones in there.  I loled at the Vienna Worf Choir.

  2. Ramone says:

    I never knew he and Wil Weaton were in a boy band together:

  3. Dr Wadd says:

    Reminds me of a meme a friend and I tried to kick off on b3ta, we ended up with so many bad puns it died a quick death.



  4. What  No “Steppenworf”?

  5. OMG. Has it really been six years since this? (Mine’s the “Kraftworf” submission).

  6. Guest says:

    Bwaaah, love this! Worf is smokin’ hot! LOL

  7. Mark Wakely says:

    Nobody photoshopped Picard and Worf into “The Captain and Me” by the Doobie Brothers?  Seriously?

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