Fire-breathing pony

[Video Link] I, for one, welcome our plastic, flame-shooting horsey overlords. Shown at Maker Faire Detroit 2011.


  1. Does the guy in the pink shirt on the right know something?  He’s got his ears covered as if he’s waiting for the pony to explode.

    [ spoiler: lrf V xabj vg’f n cubar ]

  2. Sigh…why can’t such an awesome event happen here in Calgary? instead we get boring crap like street buskers juggling cats and job fairs…

  3. It’ll have to be careful not to embarrass itself by setting fire to its bedding.

    [If I had the Pratchett book to hand I’d do an actual quote.]

    1. on a related note, the three main people in the video each have 2/3 of the utilikilt/mohawk/neon pink trinity. none of them has all 3. 

      i just really appreciate that bit of social composition

      1. But they lack Techno Viking so the video’s awesome quotient will always be shy of true web nirvana.

  4. I’m loving the utili-kilts also, but I’m honestly curious: does anyone outside of Maker Faire wear them in public?

    1. I’m loving the utili-kilts also, but I’m honestly curious: does anyone outside of Maker Faire wear them in public?

      I wear mine to work, and to dinner at the coffee shop afterward, pretty much every Monday, because I have Scottish country dancing in the evening. (I only missed one Monday in the last year, when the high was 9°.) I wear it other times when it’s hot and I’m not biking.

  5. the man in the pink wears them regularly, the one with the mohawk just got his at makerfaire and was contemplating burning his pants with the pony.

    1. was contemplating burning his pants with the pony.

      Is that what you kids are calling it these days?

  6. Never mind the pony… Here’s Paka’s horse :
    It’s a fantastic piece of kit and can be completely remotely controlled. Having said that, with gas for the fire and compressed air for the pneumatics, I’m not sure Id want to be riding on top!

  7. WTF? I was there Friday (for setup) through Sunday and I saw no ponies. Fire breathing or otherwise! Granted I spent 80% of my time at ThunderDrome! but still, no pony!

  8. These guys were my pick for “Having the Most Fun with Stuff They Built” award:

    The rolling barbeque grill was my fave. The level of detail and workmanship on these bikes was mind-blowing. Mr. Jalopy should go hang with these folks.

    BTW, I stayed at Hostel Detroit When I got up Saturday morning and stepped out the front door there was a wild grouse in the empty lot across the street. Detroit is weird-o-cool, y’all.

  9. I shopped the kilts they had on sale there but the carpenter models start at $215, which is a lot of cash for work clothes.  Even if they are made in America of green materials etc…

  10. These Louisville KT guys were fun to chat with and they took time to show off custom features like the lightning-bolts in their pony’s nostril. 

    Butterscotch is FurReally dangerous!

  11. They could have made it out of brass so it would have been Steampunk. ;)

    I like the Utili-kilts, too, but on other people. But even though I wear knee length tunics to SCA events, I just don’t think they’re for me. I’m thinking of combining cargo pants with Japanese hakama. I’m calling them Pockama. 

    (Edited for a typo).

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