Girl Genius steampunk badges: zeppelins, trilobites and Tesla Rangers


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  1. yri says:

    I’m so glad to see Girl Genius given some more well-deserved page time here! The authors prefer to call GG “gaslamp fantasy” (a label of their own devising) rather than steampunk, because it ain’t really very punk, but that’s okay if it gives them more exposure, I suppose.

  2. RJ says:

    Girl Genius is a fun read and well worth buying some dead-tree comics or pins. I happen to have one of the older-style basic trilobite pins. It’s cool because even if someone doesn’t get the Heterodyne reference, they still know what a trilobite looks like. You aren’t required to wear welder’s goggles and a top hat with it, if you don’t want to.

    Phil Foglio also has his entire “Buck Godot” series available on the Airship Entertainment site. It’s also a great read, if you like sci-fi comics.

  3. Actually Yri, they call it Gaslamp Fantasy instead of steampunk because it is set not just in an alternative history, but one with a heavy fantasy element.  As for exposure, you’d think winning 2 Hugo awards would be enough.

  4. HenryPootel says:

    Trilobites with wings?  Genius!

  5. bibulb says:

    Out of loyalty, I have to recommend looking across the vendors aisle from Studio Foglio as well – it’s Instant Attitudes and Starcat Designs, who have been covered here before. (The Radical Militant Librarian shirts, specifically.) They do some great shirts and jewelry, and I always try and get a few from them at any given convention I see them at…
    (disclosure : they’re also good friends of mine.)(Honestly, it’d be best to buy as much as you can from both sides of the aisle – the more money that Phil and Kaja get, the more likely that we’ll eventually get the trade paperback of the Buck Godot Gallimaufry series released…)

  6. Rich Keller says:

    Trilobites? That settles it. I’m developing a Steampunk persona named Burgess Shale.

  7. Woo! The Zeppelin will look nice on my coat, which people keep saying is a little Steampunky, but is really my everyday coat for fall. (See

  8. Kris N says:

    I love comics, and I love Girl Genius, but the “Hugo Award-winning” part isn’t all that impressive when you realize the same three comics get nominated every year: Girl Genius, Fables, and Schlock Mercenary. Not that these aren’t good comics, but there are so many things that could be nominated but aren’t because no one who nominates/votes in the Hugos knows or cares about them.

  9. Gulliver says:

    Damn. Still five months till my culture gets the gift giving itch.

  10. Hey Cory – thought you might appreciate this – a friend of mine is doing an iPad app that’s a video viewer with a steampunk theme – here you go!

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