Greatest Hugo acceptance speech of all time?


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  1. Grey Devil says:

    That award is umm… rather phallic ;0

  2. Alvis says:

    “Hey, you think we should deinterlace this video before we scale it?”
    “Nah, it looks cool that way.”

  3. jambon says:

    That link goes straight to 1992. Five minutes later and I’m still watching poorly typeset credits. How about some clue as to when the ‘magic’ happens. What say you commentors – is this the fustiest, most uninteresting link ever posted on BoingBoing? 

  4. Andy Coder says:

    “Located 38 miles from downtown Reno, Lake Tahoe is approximately 22 miles long and 12 miles wide, with 72 miles of scenic shoreline. The average depth is 989 feet and the deepest point 1,645 feet; the water is 99.7% pure, about the same as distilled water.”


  5. moonmoth says:

    You’ve got to wait a while. Enjoy the rather odd music then do what I did and move it on a good 5 minutes. Its worth it cos the guy who gets the award is very, very happy.

  6. Dan Geiser says:

    It’s at 1 hour and 28 minutes, roughly.

  7. bigbanna says:

    that is a sex toy.

  8. RobDobbs says:

    Nice to see he dressed up for the occasion.

  9. BillGlover says:

    Weird. The ad didn’t play for me (I’m on Linux though).

    That was a sublime moment. I’m glad Cory reposted it here.  And @Grey Devil. You should see the comment around 2:30:58 ;)

  10. cap10wow says:

    if you look on the page it sends you to there is a handy link to the clip “best of hugo awards-the garcia moment”. good stuff, i was moved.

  11. jambon says:

    Thank you commentors. I take it all back – Found the link, scrolled past the credits and, yes, it was good!

  12. Peter Chylewski says:

    It’s all fake. Or mostly. But I like it anyway.

    • penguin_boy says:

      No, that’s Chris. I’ve known him for years, and he is that passionate about everything. This was his tenth nomination for Best Fanzine or Best Fan Writer. He even owns a t-shirt saying “Six Time Hugo Loser”. But he puts his heart into The Drink Tank, and to finally see him win made all of fandom cheer.

      The day of the Hugos he and another of the nominated folk agreed that File 770 was a lock to win. The day after, when he walked into the main exhibit hall at Worldcon, he got a standing ovation. He let me hold it. He let everyone hold it.

      What you see on that stage is Chris Garcia realizing that he finally made it. He’s a Hugo Award winner.

  13. HenryPootel says:

    Epic beards do that to a fellow

  14. Jean Batt says:

    it wasn’t fake at all.  i was actually in the audience when it happened.  i thought at first he was acting, but good gods no.  totally real.  he has had ten or more nominations over the years for the drink tank and his own work.  but this was his first win.

    he also is a friend of mine and a very very sweet man.  (besides, the drink tank rocks”

  15. unit_1421 says:

    Have they stopped giving Hugos to right wing fuck sticks like Orson Scott Card?

    • penguin_boy says:

      Card hasn’t written anything worthy of a nomination in years.

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      Have they stopped giving Hugos to right wing fuck sticks like Orson Scott Card?

      I can’t think of a single author who’s more desperately in need of a fake phallus.

  16. Jon Bakos says:
    Here’s the actual speech, no weird folk music or Lake Tahoe to be found :)

  17. sstair says:

    I actually hurt myself laughing at Robert Silverberg’s presentation.

  18. franko says:

    that was awesome. i have no idea who he is or what his fanzine is like, but dammit, now i want to read it just to support him and his work. anyone with that amount of passion deserves to have as much success as they can get. when he sat down and just hugged it, i kinda lost it myself.

  19. Jim Saul says:

    Ode to joy.  His ‘zine has a new fan here.

  20. solstice2005 says:

    Me think that the “drink” “tanked” him and that is where he ended…

  21. Cormac says:

    And that is part of why we give people Hugo awards. :)

  22. Snig says:

    I think it’s sweet to see someone so in love with the world and what he does in it. 

  23. pjcamp says:

    All I get is about 10,000 hours of godawful filk.

  24. Jack Myers says:

    Politics aside, what’s with the no love for Orson Scott Card?  He’s a bad right wing guy?  Is that kind of insulting behavior cool here?  What gives and just checking?

  25. Thank you for posting this. Chris is such a sweetheart and it was lovely to see him win for all his hard work. And it clearly means so very much to him. I was a little worried for him Saturday night, to tell you the truth — I wasn’t sure if that was pure joy or a terrible nervous breakdown he was having. ALL THE HUGS, CHRIS

    The three times I’ve had the pleasure of attending a Hugo awards ceremony, I’ve always been impressed with how every recipient has seemed genuinely moved by the award, be it their first or third (or eleventh!). It’s part of why I love this “tribe” so very, very much.

  26. Anne Trotter says:

    There’s also the Masquerade entertainment break where they’re judging best costume… they put on an edition of “Just a Minute”. It’s long (not quite as long as the Hugos), but damn funny.

  27. Lynn Gold says:

    Like Doug Berry said, yep, that’s our Chris.  I was seated next to him afterwards at Match Game SF, where he spent much of the night polishing his new award.  He was nice enough to let me fondle it….

    • Simon Bradshaw says:

       where he spent much of the night polishing his new award

      Please, for the love of all that is good, tell me this isn’t a euphemism.

      (And congratulations to Chris, who is a lovely guy. Yes, that’s Chris being Chris – I once heard him described as being pretty much Taz the Tasmanian Devil in human form and in a very good mood…)

  28. Daniel Spector says:

    That is Chris, being his utterly-sincere, completely open self.

    The man is a joy and Drink Tank has been worthy for years.

  29. Ashley Reid says:

    Some women can appreciate a truly epic beard.

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