MC Frontalot's latest nerdcore album: SOLVED


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  1. rifainews says:

    are hacks. It has got guest appearances from some other nerdcore rappers (MC Lars, ZeaLouS1, Dr Awkward), some rockstars (Wheatus), and some comedy masterminds (Kristen Schaal, Wyatt Cenac, Eugene 

  2. Kozmund says:

    MC Frontalot is wonderful and a blisteringly excellent fellow. I’ve only seen him perform live once, as every time he tours through my particular area, something crazy always precludes me from attending.

    The Captains of Industry bit works perfectly for me. I’ve seen so many artists selling CDs, where damn near everyone at the merch table said something along the lines of “That’s nice, do you have any shirts?”

    That said, I have every single album but this one signed by Front’s +5 Sharpie of EBay Destroying Power. (I also bought some shirts.)

  3. bardfinn says:

    Front has epic Easter Eggs.

    Take that how you will.

  4. Skully says:

    Recommended for immediate purchase. Ranks up there with Front’s best work (Zero Day).

  5. c0smo says:

    I really hate the term nerdcore.  It seems like self identifying as such is both lame and plainly acquiescent to commercialism.  That being said Frontalot is a talented lyricist from what I can hear…

    have any of you guys/gals heard this
    real nerds code their artwork and use Möbius strips for their liner notes

  6. jennybean42 says:

    Is that autotune?

  7. certron says:

    If you are thirsting for a little more MC Frontalot, he’s on another album released the same day: Another First Kiss on Mink Car Cover (along with 18 other artists) to form a full cover of TMBG’s Mink Car (released 9/11/01). Bonus to supporting good music: proceeds will benefit the FDNY Foundation. has all the artists, previews, etc and the album showed up on iTunes today, too.

    This album (and the story behind it) should probably be a front-page post, but I might be a little biased, since I already love both Solved and Mink Car Cover. I think there was a Submitterator post about this a while back, but this video by Blue (a fellow BB user), may tell you everything you want to know: You could check out the press release or contact her directly if you wanted more information.

    BTW: MC Lars has a track on Indie Rocket Science with MC Frontalot called Black and Yellow T-Shirts which is a complement to Captains of Industry.

  8. kfdavila says:

    I purchased on the strength of the Evan Dorkin (Milk and Cheese, Beasts of Burden, Pirate Corps) album cover art alone.

  9. mike beddes says:

    The album is great and I’ll form the head…the live show in Lincoln, NE was also wonderful!

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