Cthulhu bento box


10 Responses to “Cthulhu bento box”

  1. Bucket says:

    Eat Cthulhu before he eats you!

  2. jon kniss says:

    With the Happy Cthulhu Man™, every meal is an adventure!

  3. xian says:

    If only there were a tool I could buy to take the pain out of hand carving my hotdogs into Cthulhu…

  4. The lunch, not the writer.

  5. strumpet windsock says:

    What… no durian? Perhaps I’ll have to have your spine on a spit instead.

  6. Art Carnage says:

    Not actually a bento box, as it has no compartments. That’s the difference between a bento, and a what appears to be a Tupperware knock-off.

  7. millie fink says:

    Mmmmm, cutified pig’s anus!

  8. Nick Powell says:

    I guess this is what I visit boingboing for, pointless coverage of pointless iterations of pointless internet memes. 

    ‘Nyah, if you don’t like it don’t read it!’

    Yeah, great. Look, this is a blog site that basically acts as a curator of ‘interesting nerd shit’. Isn’t it about time the literate non-vitriolic internet sub-communities got bored of this meta-meme of ‘hey, let’s take that one semi-clever thing that one person put on 4chan that one time and reiterate it IN EVERY SINGLE MEDIUM KNOWN TO MAN. Don’t worry about the actual WITTINESS of the pairing, because the internet has already decided that that thing is enjoyable just by virtue of existing.’

    The internet is turning into one big neverending hollywood exec meeting.

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