Spider-infested Threadless tee

On Threadless, up for vote: MaxiGlob's "Dr Jones Phobia" spider-infested tee design, inspired by Raiders of the Lost Ark.

dr Jones phobia by maxiglob (via Super Punch)


      1. How about tarantulas that are covered in bees?

        I’d like the shirt better if the spiders were smaller.  More realistic that way.

          1. Tarantula hawks are actually pretty harmless and quite beautiful. They’re curious and will follow you around, but they’re not normally aggressive. If you do manage to get yourself stung, they have the most painful sting of anything in the Western hemisphere, and apparently you’ll writhe around on the ground shrieking for ten minutes.

            And…their size is based on the size of the tarantula that incubated them.

          2. Tell a tarantula they’re pretty harmless.  Just tell them quickly, before that wasp goes all ALIEN on them.

    1.  And for Professor Jones, Senior it was rats. So I don’t know what they accidentally the whole 40 cakes.

  1. I did a Halloween costume a couple years ago where I stuck about 20 black plastic spiders to my torso and head. It took me about 30 minutes to put together. I was completely freaking people out. Some people couldn’t even talk to me. Eventually I took the spiders off my head just so I could join the party without people freaking out.

    Why not post a picture? http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1114555/4067136594_8fa7993253_b.jpg

  2. Indiana Jones was not afraid of spiders.  It was snakes, from back when he was very young and hustling away from bad guys on a moving circus train and broke through the ceiling of the snake car.  Having said that, I love spiders and would have a nice Mexican red knee already, but I cannot control the temperature and humidity in my house worth a damn.  I am going to buy this shirt, you bet.

    Hey WordPress: thanks for being the browser police.  I haven’t updated to Firefox 6 point whatever because it doesn’t work with my anti-virus plug ins.  Updating would actually be a worse security move than keeping version 5.  But thanks for telling me that my browser is out of date every time I sign in to leave a comment here.  Really appreciate it.  Especially since Firefox is now putting out a new version every few weeks.  Your diligence is exemplary.

  3. no no no no no… just NO. I would probably hit someone for wearing  that. It wouldn’t be on purpose – just reflex. I once climbed my roommate’s boyfriend when i saw a Huntsman while living in Australia. Just no. EEEEEEKKKKKKK.

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