Poo Emoji Button-Up Shirt

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Haunted Mansion/Small World mashup tee

Actualchad has designed a Haunted Mansion/Small World mashup tee. He writes, "Just in time for Halloween, the Haunted Mansion has taken on the small world in the battle of which ride is really the scariest.

In the style of Mary Scary Blair..."

Is This Small World Actually Stretching? by actualchad

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Kickstarter: "█ ██████ SOPA ███ ███ █ ███ ███ ████ STUPID T-SHIRT"

A timely Kickstarter campaign: censored SOPA shirts.

Listening the SOPA markup hearings on December 15th left me with a feeling of helplessness despite having contacted my representatives and helping Kickstarter speak out against the bill.

When █████ ████ asked me how things looked later that night, I tried to convey how frustrating it was to hear our legislators repeatedly profess an ignorance of the system they were trying to legislate.

By the end of our conversation, we decided it was time to make a t-shirt.


Epic Star Wars snark tee: "Show us on the trilogy where George hurt you"

Another find from New York Comic-Con: this epic Star Wars snark tee from Joel Watson, creator of Hijinks Ensue, a most excellent webcomic. Read the rest

Fat werewolf eating a cupcake in a Michael Jackson "Thriller" jacket tee

Seen at New York Comic-Con, which I'm presently attending: these terrific Johnny Cupcakes tees, entitled the "Lycanthriller." The site lists the men's tee as sold out, but the woman's edition is in stock. They had both at the booth. Read the rest

Spider-infested Threadless tee

On Threadless, up for vote: MaxiGlob's "Dr Jones Phobia" spider-infested tee design, inspired by Raiders of the Lost Ark.

dr Jones phobia by maxiglob

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