This #PEANUTSBBQ t-shirt shows Marcie of 'The Peanuts' gang as the BBQ snitch

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Haunted Mansion Hatbox Ghost tee

Speaking of the Hatbox Ghost, Disney will release this great Haunted Mansion tee on August 8. It will only be available for one week.

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Haunted Mansion/Small World mashup tee

Actualchad has designed a Haunted Mansion/Small World mashup tee. He writes, "Just in time for Halloween, the Haunted Mansion has taken on the small world in the battle of which ride is really the scariest.

In the style of Mary Scary Blair..."

Is This Small World Actually Stretching? by actualchad

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Spider-infested Threadless tee

On Threadless, up for vote: MaxiGlob's "Dr Jones Phobia" spider-infested tee design, inspired by Raiders of the Lost Ark.

dr Jones phobia by maxiglob

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EFF's limited edition, glowing ENCRYPTION SAVES tees for DEFCON signups

If you're headed to Las Vegas for DEFCON this summer, you're one of the lucky few who'll be able to get one of the Electronic Frontier Foundation's limited-edition, glow-in-the-dark "Encryption Saves" tees, only available to people who join the organization at the event. I won't be there this year (sob!) but I will be in 2012, where I'll be delivering a keynote. Can't wait!