Guerrilla planter on a bike-locking stand


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  1. stumo says:

    What do these look like without the planters? 

  2. RobDobbs says:

    If I can’t see the bike rack, it’s just a plant in a pop bottle. Anyone care to post a whole photo?

  3. edselpdx says:

    I’d like to know what a “gorilla” planterbox looks like, too.

  4. Mike Miner says:

    The racks look like this:

    They had them where I lock up on King Street. Unfortunately, the plastic isn’t very tough and the planters are at handle-bar level and they got cracked in the process of constant locking or unlocking. The ones where I park have all been busted and were gone before the plants had much of a chance to grow. I wish I had better news about them!

  5. SeamusAndrewMurphy says:


  6. willyboy says:

    Gorilla Waterer?

  7. billstewart says:

    One day in the 90s when I went to an event in Berkeley I found that the parking meters on the street had been transformed into flowerpots, with the tops removed and the bottoms filled with dirt.  It turned out that this had been a two-stage process – transforming them into flowerpots was because Berkeley’s a hppie town, but removing the tops had been done by teenagers who discovered there were boxes of money that could easily be opened with a chunk of pipe or some rebar.

  8. BarBarSeven says:

    See on the bike stand, planter GUERILLA… full of charm and appeal!

    Handsome, elegant, intelligent, sweet… It’s really ideal!

  9. without making it less useful to cyclists.

    If this thing is in the way of the bike then the locking stand is less useful. What if it drops rubbish over my bike?

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