Guerrilla planter on a bike-locking stand

On the Boing Boing Flickr Pool, Half My Dad's Age's beautiful action shot of a guerrilla planter perched atop a bicycle locking-stand on the streets of Toronto. I like the way this beautifies the lock-up without making it less useful to cyclists.

I hadn't seen the gorilla planters on the bike stands yet. They are cool idea. Heard about it one day on the CBC.


  1. The racks look like this:

    They had them where I lock up on King Street. Unfortunately, the plastic isn’t very tough and the planters are at handle-bar level and they got cracked in the process of constant locking or unlocking. The ones where I park have all been busted and were gone before the plants had much of a chance to grow. I wish I had better news about them!

  2. One day in the 90s when I went to an event in Berkeley I found that the parking meters on the street had been transformed into flowerpots, with the tops removed and the bottoms filled with dirt.  It turned out that this had been a two-stage process – transforming them into flowerpots was because Berkeley’s a hppie town, but removing the tops had been done by teenagers who discovered there were boxes of money that could easily be opened with a chunk of pipe or some rebar.

  3. See on the bike stand, planter GUERILLA… full of charm and appeal!

    Handsome, elegant, intelligent, sweet… It’s really ideal!

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