Just look at this banana fan.

Just look at it.

Banana Fan


  1. I looked at it. Looking at it gave me the overwhelming urge to play the video, and see if such a wonderous thing could really be true. And it was! Where is my GOD now? He is in the shape of a banana fan.

  2. I’m just so happy to have leisure time to not only spend enjoying a banana fan but reading pages of comments about it,

  3. If I put my face up to it and said:  WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, would it warble like a plastic or metal-bladed fan?  (I’d probably just get a rapidly reccurring face slap that sounds more like:  FAP FAP FAP  FAP, without the neat warbling of my waaahhhhhhhhhh). 

  4. I just looked at it.  Sat there, looking at it. 

    Sure looks like a good way to distribute banana bits evenly in a floor-wall-ceiling circle around a room.


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