Biggie Smalls the Tank Engine (Note: delectable language)


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  1. erin jones says:

    Yeee-ahhh, boyee. That’s my kind of unicorn chaser. 

    I like these particular lyrics a bit better when paired with a less-elaborate beat that creates space for lines like “My flow…is remarkabowl…” Much of the beauty of Biggie’s delivery is rooted in his ability to “play the spaces,” as Miles would call it. It also stems, of course, from his masterful understanding and use of phonology. He can take the simplest and shortest of lines and make it a complex auditory experience with beginning, middle and end. 

    He also wrote from a uniquely honest and vulnerable perspective that’s very rare in hip-hop, even among underground artists. But I digress… I really appreciate Biggie’s talent and I wish we could have had a chance to hear his work mature. R.I.P. B.I.G.

    Anyway, this shit is bangin’ and it put a smile on my face. Thanks for posting it. Southeast Bernal represent lol.

  2. Tyler Roy-Hart says:

    what does this add to big’s delivery? nothing. cheesy, lame idea totally at odds with the artist. he’d want to whack whoever made this if he heard it. some of the modern mashups of classic rap are pretty creative but this is just terrible, I think.

    it’s time to just let his catalog speak for itself. this is the notorious one, not that foolishness:

  3. Islington says:

    Charlie the Choo Choo? Or Blaine the Mono?

  4. It makes me miss Thomas more than Biggie.  Still:  C’mon. motherfuckers, c’mon!

  5. azzamckazza says:

    One of the best mashups. Perfect.

  6. Gulliver says:

    West Coast Represent! *ducks*

  7. Flint_Paper says:

    We took a train-themed sketch show to the Edinburgh Fringe this year – this was the music we used to take our bows each night.

    We’re on tonight, incidentally, at The Soho Theatre in London. 5* comedy. Boom.

  8. fergus1948 says:

    I didn’t know I was a rap fan till I heard this!

  9. gibson5string says:

    Conductor has just pointed out that he used only 5 of the 7 words you are not allowed to say on TV!

  10. Marvinj says:

    The Notorious F.A.T Controller approves

  11. Nick Cheatham says:

    Surprisingly, not the only one:

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