Wizzywig hacker history comic finishes

Ed Piskor, creator of the wonderful Wizzywig hacker history comic, has finally finished the story, which now runs to 412 installments. Ed's done three printed collections of the comic to date, and now promises to finish it in paperback and in limited edition hardcovers. Ed's a great writer, a great storyteller, and a great history of the Internet and hackers, and Wizzywig stands with books like Levy's Hackers and Bruce Sterling's Hacker Crackdown in the annals of hacker lore.

BOINGTHUMP! Chapter 1 Page 1


  1. This is really good stuff, thanks for reminding me about it.

    Looking forward to re-reading what I read before and finishing it, especially after recently reading Kevin Mitnick’s autobio Ghost in the Wires, which was a really good read, by the way.

  2. 404 would be good but Mr Piskor is from Munhall where the local area code is 412 so that works pretty well…

  3. “He could whistle into telephones to trigger a nuclear missile!” – Brilliant reference there to Cap’n Crunch.

  4. I’ve been cruising through the web comic for the last hour, what a fantastic piece of work, immediately going on my priority bookmarks.  Thank you for turning me on to this, Cory.

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